Winstrol – Side effects, Cycle And Safety Measures

One name that any steroid user must have heard some time is, Winstrol. This steroid is indeed very famous amongst sports personnel, especially athletes. Though many tried to keep its consumption under veils, but somehow it got revealed. Since the hormone supplement is blessed with very many features, athletes have been using them efficiently.

It can be globally recorded that this supplement increases the endurance levels and creates tougher muscles. Ask any body builder or an athlete, they will give a right tick to it. You may visit any link that connects you straight to the webpage of a body builder to gather more information.

Side effects

The results and the impacts this may create, all depends on the doses and the age of the consumer. Some of the side effects are:-

  • Mild to acute joint pain

  • Extremely high cholesterol

  • Decreases the levels of good cholesterol and increase bad cholesterol levels

  • Heart diseases

Both these side effects depend on the response your body is giving to this particular supplement. It is best to judge your own body first, before starting to consume Winstrol supplement.


This supplement lowers the levels of testosterone in one’s body. If you have been on a cycle of Winstrol only, then beware of this consequence. If you have been consuming this for some different reason or if you are a male then choose post cycle therapy. Remember getting back to your normal testosterone levels will take time.

Say no to alcohol – This should be your motto for the duration you decide to consume Winstrol supplement. It is because Winstrol combined with alcohol has the potency to damage the liver.

Hairloss is another important side effect you may get to experience, while you are on this supplement.

The source is indeed very efficient to create the impacts you want to have but love thyself, go for therapy once the consumption is terminated.

Winstrol is basically available in a tablet and injection form. The standard weight of one single Winstrol tablet is 10 mg / 50 mg. If you are a woman then you will be prescribed 10mg tablets per day.

Many theories claim that Winstrol injections are more powerful, less harm causing and more conveniently available.

Steroids are available in the market for good time now. It is highly recommended for the users to go for post cycle therapy, once the cycle finishes.