Despite Economic Slowdown That Are Still Actively Hiring In Singapore

Despite Economic Slowdown, Here Are Some Companies That Are Still Actively Hiring in Singapore

There are hundreds of companies in Singapore that are reducing their job positions and letting workers go. Unfortunately this paints a poor picture for the economic growth of Singapore over the next year. Even though the entire country is looking to slow down on their economic production, there are a variety of industries that are still actively looking for interested employees. We’ve compiled a list of current employers that are actively searching for the next best worker to be a part of their team.

Despite Economic Slowdown That Are Still Actively Hiring In Singapore

Singapore Airlines

Regardless of the economic growth of the country, people are still going to be interested in visiting and traveling outside of Singapore, meaning that the airlines will be quite active. Singapore Airlines is currently looking for more people to be a part of their exclusive cabin crews. Not only will you have the ability to visit a variety of locations throughout the world, but you will also be entitled to a reasonable rate of pay and benefits. Instead of hiring new people to replace individuals that have moved onto other career opportunities, they are creating brand new jobs.


As the most popular search engine in the world, Google is always looking for people to add to their growing team. In fact, the business mogul recently stated that they are setting their sights on Singapore for hundreds of new jobs. There have been reports from the company stating that they were looking to build a new engineering crew in Singapore to accommodate the growth of users in the area. A few of the best jobs available from Google include:

Industry Analyst

YouTube Online Partner Associate

Account Strategist


People use Airbnb to find potential vacation homes in different areas around the globe. No the company is looking for employees to hire in the Singapore area. You can easily find some of their job postings on LinkedIn or through the company’s website. Some of the listings include:

Social Marketing Lead

Internal Communications Coordinator

Incident Lead Project Manager

Product and Vendor Lead


The most popular social media website in the world is always looking to hire new talent. Residents of Singapore will be able to look into regional and local positions. Again, you can find most of the postings on LinkedIn but the majority of jobs pertain to business specialties such as account managers and marketing managers. A few job titles include:

Sales Operation Manager

Small Business Account Manager

SMB Marketing Manager


Apple has recently created their very first Apple Store in Singapore and they’re interested in having more employees added to their team. You can find a wide variety of different positions ranging from managerial tasks to editorial positions. Some job opportunities include:

iOS Carrier Business Manager

Channel Support Account Manager

iTunes Music Business and Editorial Manager

Apple Media, International Editorial and Localization Manager

Even with a poor outlook on economic growth, there are dozens of companies interested in hiring Singaporean residents. These are just a few of the current job openings available, though other companies including Netflix, Singtel, and local banks also have positions.

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