Anatomy Of Electric Shavers For Men

Many men and women have started employing electric tools to get rid of their facial hair these days. These devices are convenient to use and can accomplish the task in a couple of minutes without any hassles. Men use electric shavers as these are quite safe to use and do not leave cuts on face. A clean, smooth shave can be achieved much quickly with an electric shaver in comparison to conventional or traditional shaving process where a lot of time is wasted during the pre-shave and aftershave steps.

How do electric razors work?  

You must have wondered how these electric razors work. Instant Grooming says that the working of electric shaver is greatly impacted by the design of the shaver. What makes an electric shaver distinct from a disposable conventional razor is that these employ the feature of oscillation to assist in the process of shaving. Every electric shaver has razors or blades that oscillate at quite a high speed. These blades are responsible for cutting the facial hair without harming the facial skin.

Kinds of electric shavers based on the design

The high speed blade rotation is achieved by the small electric motor that is fitted in an electric shaver. This implies that electric razors can work by drawing electricity. There are few models of electric shavers that operate on batteries. There are two kinds of electric shavers. They are rechargeable and disposable kinds. There are models that require you to plug into an electricity port in order to function. Few models come with both AC line and battery usage options.

Electric shaver shield

Despite of blades that rotate at high speed, the facial skin is protected by the shield that comes in the electric shavers. The shield is made of metal foil and has perforations or small holes. When you press the electric shaver against your face, the facial hair cut from your skin through the holes in the shield. These then come in touch with the blades. This process is quite similar to the manner in which a lawn mower cuts the grass.

The design implementation lets the users barely get any nicks or cuts in the skin while shaving with an electric shaver. This helps in achieving a clean, smooth shave in no time. The user does not really have to make use of water while shaving with an electric shaver. Electric shavers come in quite handy while travelling. No razor bumps are experienced when one uses an electric shaver. This electric groomers are really awesome if compared to previous methos of shaving. These products are also perfect as gift items for your beloved man.

Although best electric razors cannot be as light as the conventional disposable razors, these are much efficient and operate at a high speed that can never be attained during a conventional shaving process. Electric shavers are popular owing to the convenience offered by them. Men and women both benefit with the use of electric shavers. These are easy to maintain and the hassles of aftershave and preshave are eliminated. Users with sensitive and dry skin can consider using natural oil while shaving with an electric shaver.

Source: Instant Grooming