Reasons Why Public Clouds Are Better Than Private

When making the decision to star utilizing the cloud, you will often be faced with the choice between a public and private option. Egenera offers high availability enterprise public cloud computing to its clients and is quick to point towards the public option as holding a wide variety of benefits over going for a private solution. All of the following are reasons why you should consider going public as your first option.

Newer Technology

While this is not always the case, the general feeling within the cloud computing community is that private clouds tend to make use of older technology than public ones. This is because there is less motivation to keep them updated as long as they are serving the purpose the company needs them for, which can lead to inefficiencies creeping in or a lack of new features that would have helped the company to improve its processes were they offered as they are in the case of high availability enterprise public cloud computing.


Flexible Payment Options

The high availability enterprise public cloud computing offered by does not require the construction of private data centers, whether they be physical or virtual. This means that the money that you pay for usage of the public cloud is considered an operational expense, rather than an investment that then has to be added to as you hit issues related to ongoing maintenance. In short, you get more flexible payment options while also having to do less work to keep the system running like you need it to.


Every private cloud will come with limitations based on your budget and the quality of infrastructure that you can afford to build. This means that you use of the private cloud can ever reach a single, maximum point before you will need to make infrastructural upgrades, which again cost both time and money while also leading to inefficiencies. The issue of capacity is one that you are never going to have to deal with when using a high availability enterprise public cloud computing service, as you can simply upgrade quickly and easily as you go.

Lower Price

No matter how efficient you may believe your private cloud service to be, the simple fact of the matter is that the private option cannot compete with the public option when it comes to price. We have already touched on the issue of the maintenance and potential for capacity limitations when creating a private system and all of these will tend to lead towards costs that far exceed the subscription that you would pay for a high availability enterprise public cloud computing service. Couple that with lost work hours due to increased inefficiency and it is easy to see how savings can be made.

Higher Security

While it can be argued that public clouds are targeted more by hackers and malcontents, this results in them hiring some of the best computer security personnel around. You can be sure that any threat to security will be dealt with swiftly by people you know are capable of doing the job.