Learn All About Buying A DECT Phone

Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephones, also known as DECT phones are basically cordless phone systems. This phone allows you the flexibility of carrying it anywhere, but up to a certain range of distance, without having to sit at one fixed place. DECT is generally used at home and in small offices but it is also available in various PBX systems for large and medium businesses as well. So, in case you are looking to buy a DECT phone system, here are a few factors you should consider:

First decide on the amount you are ready to invest on the DECT phone system and then decide, which phone you would like to purchase but only after careful consideration of various other factors as well. Also, do not compromise on quality. Just because the phone costs low doesn’t mean it will be of good quality as well. If you go for a low quality phone, chances are you might have to incur more costs in the long run. You can go through the list of various phones and their prices and in case you think there are features that you don’t need, then you can do away with them and go for the ones which you require in the first place.

Learn All About Buying A DECT Phone

New DECT phones offer a lot of features. Some of them even come with SIM card reader, Bluetooth, etc. but the most basic features are the following: caller memory, ringing tones, call transfer, phonebook, caller ID, alarm, intercom, conference calls, speed dialing, voice dialing and hot keys, backlight on screen, voicemail, SMS messaging, wall mounting, etc. You may even use the phone with VoIP installed since VoIP offers a lot of competitive advantages for your business. Therefore, it is neccesary that you figure out what all features you need according to your business.

Also, look into the battery life of the phone. You wouldn’t want your phone’s power off in the middle of a conversation or keep charging it every now and then. So go for a product which has a good battery life. The battery life of Grandstream phones is generally high and you may prefer buying one from them.

In case you need more than one handset, in case of offices, ensure that the DECT phone you purchase is expandable and check the number of handsets that it can connect to. Also, look into the price and availability of the individual handsets in case you may need them later.

Lastly, pay attention to the range over, which the audio or voice clarity between the DECT handsets and base phone is decent enough. Generally, values like 300 meters outdoors and 50 meters indoors are specified by the manufacturers. But these values are only theoretical and the performance would be affected by climate, radio interference, etc. As result, the quality might get affected.

Consider all these factors carefully and make an informed decision on the type of DECT phone system that you would like to purchase. Choose the one which will satisfy all or most of your needs instead of going for the one with maximum features or one which has the least price.