Challenging North Vietnam Trekking Tours

North Vietnam trekking tours become one of the most popular destinations for tourist who spend their holiday in Vietnam. As we know, Vietnam has been known as the destination which offers the natural beauty and adventure. There are some of the famous places that always become the favorite destinations, such as the trekking tours. It becomes the perfect choice for the tourist who likes the natural scenery with some of the challenging area and roads. There are various types of the tours that you can choose for having the interesting North Vietnam trekking tours. Some of them will be described below:

1.    Mai Chau adventure tour 6 days

This 6 Day tour mixes the journey to the North West Mai Chau and South of Hanoi. By having this trekking, then the tourist will not only enjoy the stunning scenery that offers peace but also they can get into the cultural activities of the society. The length of time that is offered for this trekking package is 6 days. Four days will be used for trekking in Mai Chau by observing the villages in that area. Meanwhile, the tourist can enjoy the nights at H’mong villages and White Tai.

North Vietnam Trekking Tours

2.    Mai Chau and Pu Loung trekking tour 10 days

If you think that the first trekking tour package is too short then you can choose this package. You will be guided for the wonderful North Vietnam trekking tour for 10 days. The first day, you will spend your night in Hanoi. Then, in the next day, you will have the trekking for about 6 km to Mai Chau. While you are trekking at the first day, you can enjoy the life of the Thai people, especially in the Pom Coong village. The third day, you will have the longer trekking than before. It is about 21 km. This trekking will lead you to H’mong village. The fourth day, the tourist can experience the diversity of the Vietnam’s people. It is because you will have the chance to trek through the native villages. The fifth and the sixth day will be spent in Pu Loung. Meanwhile, the last three days are used for the Hin village and Hanoi.

3.    Sapa 5 villages trekking 2 days

This package is suitable for you who only have the limited days for trekking and also the minimum budgets. The highlight of this package is learning and experiencing the daily life of Black H’mong, Red Dazo people. They are the minority society in Vietnam. Besides, the tourists can enjoy Sapa’s mountainous views while they are trekking.

North Vietnam Trekking Tours1

Those are only three of the trekking packages that are offered. There are some others packages that you can search for the detail information. Before you choose the certain package, you should consider the length of the time that you will spend in Vietnam and also the budget that you have. However, the details planning are better to have so that you can really enjoy your challenging holidays by having North Vietnam trekking tours.