4 Qualities Big Data Solutions Should Possess

It today’s world, technology advances each and every day.  As technology advances, the type of data, applications and services contained by companies also increases, and more and more can classified as big data.  Being able to store this data can be extremely expensive, unsafe, or remove any control you may have over your data.  It is important as you look for ways to store your data that you know what your qualities you should be looking for.  Here are four qualities you want your big data solution to contain before you decide to choose that service and/or company.


  1. Security

The number one concern should always be security.  You do not want your data files to fall into the wrong hands, and sadly that is highly possible in today’s world.  Hacker’s get their hands on information all the time.  You want to ensure not only that the data you have electronically stored is safe, but physically safe as well.  Consider making an encrypted back up and storing it away from your office.  Make sure that you encrypt the copy.  Data is essential for your business to be successful, which means that protecting that data is also highly important.

  1. Efficiency

You do not want to choose a data solution that does not effectively meet your needs.  You need to make sure that the solution you choose provides enough storage to meet your needs.  You also want to make sure that guides are in place to ensure that everything is working properly.  You want to choose a system that works, and works well, so that you do not run into any surprises.

  1. Effectiveness

There is no point in finding a way to manage your data if you are never able to access that data.  It is important that the solution you choose works quickly and addresses anything that comes up as soon as you need it to.  You do not want to have to wait thirty minutes for data to appear.  If the solution you choose is not effective and does not provide data when you need it, then you could lose money as a result.  The data solution you choose has to be working correctly.

  1. Control

You do not want to have to give up control over your data in order to meet some type of compliancy law.  You want to ensure that you have complete and final say over your stored content, and ensure that you can adjust it as need be.  It is important that the company provides flexibility, while at the same time providing the solution you need to managing big data.

Finding a company that can provide all of these things at an affordable price may seem impossible.  However, affordable enterprise storage for big data management is available.  Not only is it available, but there are solutions out there that will keep your data safe.  Formationds.com offers a program that will keep your data safe, allow you to control your data, and work effectively and efficiently to ensure that you have what you need when you need it.