Twitter Tips For Engaged Users

If you use Twitter, are you getting everything you can from this social media site? Chances are you are not. After all, Twitter may be easy to do once you get started, but there are a number of tips you may have been overlooking. We’ll examine what those tips are and how best to put them into practice.

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  1. Use a headshot. You are your personal brand, so why not include a head shot of yourself on your profile page? Find one that matches your whit or attitude; change it seasonably or whenever the occasion arises.
  1. Don’t forget your URL. What an easy way to get a link back to your website by including that URL in your Twitter profile. Bring people directly to your website or to a splash page you want them to find.
  1. Add key elements to your tweet. Your tweet should be composed of four of five elements: your message, a link to your URL, hashtags, a photo, and follow up words. The more you can pack into a small space, the better for your efforts.
  1. Include commentary to your retweets.  When retweeting you can simply share the message and leave it at that. But if you have a comment, Twitter gives you the option to include them in your retweets. Do this especially if you have something of value to add!
  1. A dose of humor goes a long way. Humor has its place on Twitter. Add your well-placed, but funny comments as you see fit. You’ll get extra special attention that way, especially if what you have to say is funny.
  1. Interact with other users. If you’re mentioned or otherwise contacted on Twitter, always respond. Engagement is important on Twitter as well as for life in general.
  1. Thank the retweets. If your messages are getting retweeted or shared in a daily update, thank these individuals for their consideration. No one has to retweet — they do so if they find something interesting.
  1. Schedule your tweets. You can’t always be on Twitter, but there are some people who seem to make a living by tweeting. For you, simply schedule your tweets on Tweetdeck to ensure your messages are getting out there on schedule.
  1. Avoid automated direct messages. If someone direct messages you, unfollow them. Likewise, others will do this to you. There is no reason for such an impersonal approach to Twitter — don’t get caught up in shady techniques to build your base.
  1. Provide something positive. Twitter has its share of negativity. Resolve to express positivity as much as it lies within yourself to do so.
  1. Don’t get caught up in the numbers racket. People brag about having tens of thousands of followers, many of whom they purchased and have to connection with. Instead of concentrating on quantity, go with quality — you want to know the people who connect with you personally as they’ll be your customers or online allies.
  1. Be nice. Just as you wouldn’t say something awful to a person to their face, carry that over to Twitter. Sure, you may never meet this person, but you should have a reputation of always helping people as much as you can or otherwise keeping your mouth shut.
  1. Include sharing buttons on your website. Every article on your website should have social media sharing buttons for each of the major sites — Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, and Pinterest. Make it easy for people to share your helpful information. Benefit from their shares and thank them too.

Twitter Considerations

Endeavor to use Twitter daily, even if for just 10 minutes. Your participation will get your foot in the door and can help you maintain your visibility explains

Finally, gauge your results by visiting your analytics data to determine how people found you and what action they took. You may pleasantly discover that Twitter is sending a steady stream of visitors to your site, including new customers.