Here’s Why You Should Be Visiting Goa In Summers

The idea of spending your holiday in Goa in summer might not appear like a good one, but there are actually some really good reasons why you should visit the beach state during that time. Even though the mercury rises to a large extent and it becomes hot and humid, the beach state would definitely be a great place to relax and unwind. Here are some reasons which suggests why visiting Goa in summers could be a good idea.


There’s one thing about Goa which you need to be very clear about – the partying never stops here, be it summer, winter or monsoon. The best part about visiting Goa during off season is that it guarantees a larger discounts on hotel tariffs, restaurant rates and even in shopping. You can easily plan up exciting Goa tour packages itinerary, which generally comes easy on pockets. Here are some other benefitting things that would facilitate your Goa trip in summers.

Cheaper flight tickets – You might definitely be knowing that the flight tickets to Goa during the last few months of the year are tremendously pricey. But this range falls drastically during the summer months, and you’re left with the option of getting not only cheaper flight tickets but also cheaper accommodation options as well. This means you can save a lot on your travel arrangements.

Economical way of holidaying – Saving on your travelling cost also helps you to plan up an extensive itinerary. You can opt for guided sightseeing tours and even save a lot on food and liquor. This means more moolah to get entry to an elite nightclub and you can truly enjoy a great Goan holiday. Thus, as a budget traveler you can indulge in all the tourist activities without actually worrying about your pocket.

Shop till you drop – It is true that a shopaholic finds her/his way in the strangest of places. Goa which is indeed a tourist hot spot, is also a great place to look for handmade crafts, cheap clothes, items of home decor, gems and rubies, relics and even long lost items found from the sea bed. Summer being an off season, shoppers get huge discounts on items. Plus, the markets are less crowded, making it easier for you to shop in a relaxing environment.

Calming beaches – The high summer temperatures sees tourists limiting themselves to their air conditioned hotel rooms. But, do you actually want to spend your day inside a hotel when you are in a place like Goa? Instead opt for sunsets and sunrises for your beach visit and capture a stunning scenic portrait. The beaches are also amongst some of the best places to visit in Goa at night and you can actually host a bonfire lit beach party.

Try adventure sports – With less number of people heading to Goa in summers, you’d also find very few adventure sports facilities in function. Nonetheless, you’ll still be able to grab affordable rates to try these thrilling actions. Parasailing is the best to try this time, as it requires fewer manpower.