Head Of The U.N Peacekeeping Mission In Central African Republic resigns

Recently, a Rwandan U. N peacekeeper in the Central African Republic killed four of his colleagues while injuring eight others before killing himself in an early morning incident. According to news these are some of the challenges that the peacekeeping mission is facing in this landlocked country. The peacekeepers have been accused of abusing street children among other misconduct issues in the capital something that has brought a lot of concern to Amnesty International.

These allegations are the reason that Babacar Gaye, the U.N head of the peacekeeping mission in the country resigned on Wednesday. Many hope that this will assist in investigations as it opens up more resignations. Stephane Dujarric who is the U. N secretary-general’s spokesman said that the organization internal investigation unit will be heading to the country soon to conduct investigations on the misconduct allegations. Crepin Mboli-Goumba requested that those who were found guilty to be prosecuted while the abused children should be compensated.

Some of the recent accusations against the peacekeepers in the country is when recently they are said to have raped a 12 year old girl.  According to the news on msnbc live free stream is that they are also accused of killing a man together with his 16 year old son. Last year, there were similar accusations against the French troops in this country that has a population of 4.6 million people. After the resignation and the investigations, many hope that the situation will improve.

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The other members of the San Quentin 6 include John Larry Spain who was released back in the year 1991, William Tate known as Willie aged 61 still at the Soledad’s Correctional Training Facility, Luis Talamantez and Fleeta Drumgo who were freed back in the year 1976 as well as David Johnson who was released in 1993. For Pinnell , crime was a way of life as back in the year 1965, he was given his life sentence for rape, he was given a second life sentence after he killed R. J McCarthey a Correctional Officer and the third life sentence for attempted escape.

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