Aftercare Is A Must Post Addiction Treatment

Excess of anything is bad. If you have been consuming alcohol / drugs in excess, then you certainly need treatment for addiction. It is genuinely commendable for those who fight through the treatment process, but the real time begins post you have taken the treatment. You will certainly get convinced about this aspect of aftercare else after reading this article.

Aftercare Is A Must Post Addiction Treatment

Meaning of aftercare

The subsequent interventions that are followed post the initial treatment is called Aftercare. For more details you may visit  In this reference, additional support is given once the residential part of the program gets concluded. Aftercare may be given in the following forms:-

  • Support groups
  • Counseling
  • Follow up meetings
  • Booster sessions

In this certain sessions / lessons are given for how you may survive challenges in the coming times.


Approximately half of the victims, who take up the treatment to cope up with their addiction issues cannot hold and get back to the old phase. It may be termed as relapsing. It is very sad to mention, once you fall prey to ‘relapse’, you may not be able to recover at all. The highest level of the risk exists in the initial 60 days post you are discharged from the rehab center. For some the times may be sensitive for upcoming five years.

Reasons for relapsing

While you are at the center for treatment, you are prohibited from getting tempted. This prohibition is maintained with the help a team. So it is easier. But! Post you leave the center and come back to the real world that is where the challenge lies as you are prone to sensitivities. That is the real time for survival.

Staying without alcohol / drugs/ any other form of addiction in the practical or the real world is tough. A return to the normal life may be a shock, after you get discharged from a rehab center. The primary reasons for relapsing are:-

  • Lack of motivation
  • Absence of team members that help patients to distract themselves
  • Absence of well wishers / family members who may prevent them from temptation

The stress quotient related with the families is the primary cause of relapse. Patients who face difficulty to connect back with their families, get very uncomfortable, and tend to relapse. If the family members provide their full support to the victim then it is well and good.

If the family is focused towards providing support in future, it is better to clearly define the expectations so that there is no confusion and everything goes smoothly.

If you have been captivated with any form of addiction be it alcohol / drug, and have survived at the rehab center then your real struggle starts, when you enter the society. At the rehab center, you had comprehensive support from doctors, family and staff but post treatment you will have to support yourself. Fight with your inner self, so as to come out stronger, brighter, and better.