Jaipur’s Best Markets To Hunt For Lovely Souvenirs

One thing that every traveller to Jaipur should definitely look forward to apart from hopping tourist spots is shopping. Colorful shops, thin roads, interesting and lovely items on display – together makes shopping a memorable experience in the Pink City.


Jaipur is well known for its Sweetmeats. Jalebis, Mawa, Ladoos, and with Shops such as Chawla, LMB, and some more. Nonetheless, these are by all account not the only things that you can try and enjoy while you are visiting the city. Aside from hopping the major landmarks and tourist hubs, shopping is something that each traveler ought to do, as it is a novel ordeal. Besides, there will at least one thing that will simply appeal to you, making it hard for you to hold yourself from purchasing it.

Jaipur is a standout amongst the most vital centres on the planet for cutting and cleaning valuable and semi valuable stones and diamonds. Some of Jaipur’s best shopping experiences are to be found in the old bazaars. These are situated in the walled city, around the two fundamental squares called the Badi Chaupar and Chhoti Chaupar. Visit them for a direct affair of the city’s long-standing convention of craftsmanship, and to get educated about the art of bargaining while you shop.

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Jewelleries, beautiful ceramics, the batik painting, square printed materials of Bagru and Sanganer, tie and color fabrics, Mojari, items made of sandalwood, excellent stone carvings, and so forth are the most buyed items in Jaipur. There is a perpetual rundown of shopping things in Jaipur yet the jewelleries and blue stoneware are world acclaimed. Jaipur fabrics is additionally broadly known and draws in numerous travelers to its commerce centres. There are numerous markets and commerce centres in Jaipur city with their own specialities. You can purchase the perfectly enriched blue earthenware to convey back home as your wonderful recollections of Jaipur. However, before you get excited and book your next flight to the city, say Bangalore to Jaipur flight, take a look at the popular markets in the city.

Johari Bazar

As its name implies, it is the best place to purchase the world acclaimed Jaipur Jewelleries. The market is profoundly populated with numerous silversmith shops. You can likewise purchase customary tie and color fabrics and materials here. The thin paths contain the oldest gem specialist workstations, called gaddis, belonging to these skilled workers since time immemorial. The bazaar has a great deal of shops for gold, silver and studded adornments. For sarees, Rooplaxmi, Rana, Jaipur Saree Kendra, and Saree Emporium are the best shops.

Mirza Ismail Road or MI Road

You can purchase an assortment of merchandise from jewellery to textiles, blue earthenware to woodwork, and so on here. The market is generally well-known among the backpackers. The street is actually bended and brags of old compositional shop. An perfect hangout spot for visitors, M I Road is Jaipur’s Connaught Place, which is in Delhi.

Nehru Bazaar

The bazar is close to Ajmeri Gate, the supposed focal point of Jaipur. Not an extremely upmarket spot, Nehru Bazar has shops and outlets for readymade pieces of clothing, gifts, footwear, and items for your household. You can wrangle over the costs of regionally produced items here, however put it all on the line just if your pocket strings are tight.

Gaurav Towers

It is the most eventful place in Jaipur. Set far from the congested commercial center, the shopping center at Gaurav Towers draws in both shoppers, tourists, and fun seekers. Spread over a sprawling range of 25,000 sq meters, GT is flawless as far as atmosphere, assortment, space, and bother free parking are in consideration.