3 Ways To Pay Your Personal Injury Fees

Dealing with a personal injury is sure to be a challenging time for you.  The period of your recovery will typically mean lost wages. This combined with the high costs of medical bills can simply be overwhelming for many. You may want to consider taking legal action against the person that contributed to your injuries. This may help you recover your financial losses and be able to get on with your life. However, it’s ideal to know the acceptable types of legal payments in order to be prepared for this in advance.

Hourly fees

Many attorneys will allow you to pay per hour when it comes to getting legal services. This is an amount that you should be aware of in advance to have an idea of what your legal bill will ultimately be.

The lawyer that you hire will be responsible for setting this rate. However, the average hourly rate for legal services is $255-$520 per hour. Be sure to get this documented by way of a contract before actually enlisting the aid of a lawyer for your personal injury case.


It’s possible that you may be able to pay your attorney a part of your winnings if you are capable of winning the case. This amount is referred to as a contingency fee and is set by the legal counsel that you hire to assist you. Many personal injury law firm’s operate on a contingency fee basis, some of which include Ryan R. Cox & Associates and Diaz Law Firm.

The average percentage amount that is charged for a contingency case is 33%-40%. The precise amount you will need to pay will be set by the lawyer that agrees to take your case.

However, keep in mind you typically won’t have to pay for additional legal services if there is a contingency fee amount agreed upon by you both. You will want to have a contract that is legally binding and states this precise amount.

Flat Rate

It’s not uncommon for some lawyers to look at your personal injury case and set a flat fee for taking it. However, the contingency method is one of the most common that may be offered by your attorney.

If you pay a flat rate for your personal injury case, this may include filing the complaint, having the defendant served, completing the discovery stage and getting the case ready for court.

There are numerous parts of a civil litigation case, and you may enjoy paying one legal charge for the entire case. However, keep in mind that you may need to pay a retainer fee to ensure you are able to obtain the lawyer you want to hire.

Being able to recover your losses due to your personal injury is well worth taking legal action. The possibility of being compensated for all your medical bills, lost wages and other costs can make filing a lawsuit extremely beneficial to you. Be sure to consult with a personal injury attorney in your local area to assist you with this process today for the greatest possibility of success.

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