3 Benefits Of A Mediated Divorce

Ending a marriage is typically a huge decision. This is one that many couples may put off years in making. However, failing to agree on critical factors and simply not doing things together are common causes of divorce. If your marriage is headed towards getting a divorce, there are certain things that may make this entire process less stressful for you. You may wish to opt for a mediated divorce to help reach a faster resolution and get on with your life alone. By knowing the benefits of this way to divorce, you may be motivated to seek it out sooner rather than later.

Benefit #1:  Resolve critical issues

Deciding on a host of things is essential if your marriage is ending. These may range from who gets the property to visitation rights if you have kids. The advantage of a mediated divorce is that some things can be resolved in one sitting, and some of these are listed below:

  1. Residence – If you and your spouse jointly own a home, you will need to decide if it’s sold and the proceeds are split or if one of the spouses will purchase the property.
  2. Assets – It’s likely that you and your spouse have some assets together that may range from cash accounts to retirement. It’s necessary to divide your assets at this time.
  3. Debt – There are many situations where one of the spouses has incurred debt, and the other hasn’t even though the account is a joint one. Deciding on the spouse that will pay the debt is important at this time.
  4. Children – If you have kids together, you will need to determine the spouse that will get full custody of the child and any visitation hours.
  5. Other obligations – There may be situations where you and your spouse work together to do something, such as keeping a relative at home. The outcome of this should be discussed at mediation.

Benefit #2:  Lower legal fees

Going into a legal battle with your spouse should be avoided if at all possible. This will just end up costing you both a great deal in the long-term.  Many lawyers charge by the hour and requiring less time of any legal expert is to your advantage.

Benefit #3: Avoiding court

One of the most embarrassing parts of the divorce for some couples is making a court appearance. Depending on the complexity of your case, you could spend days in front of a jury pleading your case.

Selecting a mediated divorce will allow you to bypass this process totally, and all of the important decisions will be made by you and your spouse.

When divorce is around your corner, you will likely want to select the path of least resistance.  Being able to end the marriage and get on with your life are likely to be your only goals. Be sure to rely on the expertise of a family lawyer to assist you in getting this done with greater ease.

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