Home Energy Saving Tips for 2016

Home Energy Saving Tips for your New Year’s ResolutionAs we move past yet another year on the calendar, many of us are accustom to setting goals for ourselves. From quitting cigarettes to eating less and exercising more—a new year’s resolution is something we all strive for, yet struggle to sustain.

But if there is one thing that is high on your list of “things to change” it should be about saving money. Putting yourself on a more conservative budget and limiting your impulsive buying decisions is certainly no easy fix, but with the right mindset and strategic decision-making, a new year’s resolution corresponded with saving money could be one you won’t soon forget. And if you’re struggling to find a place to start in your new frugal enlightenment, one of the simplest areas to improve is within your own home. From taking shorter showers to bundling your entertainment services (e.g., http://www.directstartvinternet.com), there are endless alternatives to help you save.

Think smart during the winter season

  • Instead of constantly turning on and off your heater, set your home’s temperature on a low heat.
  • Put warmer clothes on. Winter socks and extra blankets alone will lower your impulse to switch on the heat.
  • Lower the water pressure in the shower. It may be a luxury to have strong water pressure, but is ultimately an avoidable expenditure.

Think smart during cooking

  • Instead on individually cooking one meal at a time in the oven, bake a couple of items that you will likely consume during the week.
  • After you use the oven, leave the door open to warm up your kitchen. Plus you get the added benefit of spreading the delicious smell of a home cooked meal while feeling warm.
  • Don’t get too hung up with your pre-rinsing routine when cleaning dishes; scrap your leftover food items to save water and allow your dishwasher to do the rest.
  • Make sure your fridge and freezer is fully stocked when utilizing energy; a fully stocked fridge and freezer makes your energy use more efficient as any unused space exerts more energy.

Think smart during washing

  • Your washing machine exerts 90 percent of energy on heating water. Make sure you understand the material of your clothing, cloth and bedding so you don’t waste hot water for no reason.
  • If the weather outside is warm enough, especially when there is warm wind in the area, air-drying your clothing significantly reduces your energy bill.
  • If you are an avid iron-user, don’t allow your clothing to be fully dry before you iron them. This reduces the energy expenditure the ironer exerts when steaming clothing.

Think smart with appliances

  • Install your home with a universal power cord that turns off multiple appliances with one switch. Also, make sure items that are not in-use are not set to stand-by.
  • Limit your kid’s (or yourself) video game playing. Get them more involved with energy-saving games inside the home, such as playing an instrument, building a puzzle or playing a board game with friends.
  • Invite the warmth inside. When the sun is out, open your home’s curtains to utilize Mother Nature’s gift of warmth and light.



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