5 Apps For School Readers

Mobile app platform for imparting education are gaining momentum as they are being delivered through mobile tech and students can use it at their own convenience. Most of the app providers are using engaging methods to teach the students, increasing in usability and user base. The best mobile app platforms can be a fix to chose from. So we have done our research and chosen the best ones for the students.

Let’s have a look at our top picked mobile learning apps for the school going students which would help them in reference and fundamental concept building.

Fundamentor.com: Both mobile and web based platform, Fundamentor is an innovative application for building the quantitative, verbal, data and creative thinking aptitude of the school going children. Since most of the curriculum doesn’t have these effective personal development programs. Fundamentor has rightly created the platform with a nominal fee for the year.

Math Experts: This app is an accumulation of formulas for the subjects Mathematics and Physics. It makes learning easier for the student who shy away from these topics. The special feature is that the application can calculate the formula. The best thing about this app is based on the motto “Tell me what you know, and I will check which calculations are possible.”

CBSE 8,9,10,11, course: Complete CBSE Class 12th, 11th ,10th , 9th and 8th study course that contains animations, presentations, questions and answers and study notes. Covers almost all the important subjects. For all NCERT book, all the chapters are covered in full details with the solution to all NCERT questions. The subjects are covered in full details.

NCERT Books: You can download the NCERT Books for free from your android phone.
NCERT textbooks are now easily available through this app. This is easy to use, Just open download and read.

Byju’s Classes: With 2 million app download, Byju is ranked as the leading app for school going students. Best faculty from India, including Byju Raveendran himself mentors the students through the mobile app platform. Using state of the art visualization techniques and methods, understand and master the concepts right from High School foundation class 6-12 Math and Science to Competitive preparation. Boasting of 6.5 lakhs likes on Facebook, it is the most liked Education Company in India. “Learning for life” is the proposition they go with.

Each app has their unique proposition varying in terms of teaching in an innovative way or using the best possible visualization techniques available. So if you are confused which one to choose from, then chose the one which has been rated the highest, which covers the important subjects and has the best learning techniques.

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