Wear Designer Party Sarees and Set The Ramp On Fire

Saris have been the traditional Indian attire for women since time immemorial. But in recent times due to the onset of bigger and better media coverage on celebrities and their lives, along with the rising fashion sense and consciousness to look good at all major events, Bollywood has changed the entire perception of the humble sari and transformed it intoan iconic style statement. This transformation has been welcomed with open arms by the women of today’s society and is gladly embracing it like a long-lost child.

party sarees

This six yard of fabric when draped around the beautiful figure of women, lends a sense of charm and elegance that few attire can provide. A woman is metamorphosed into an epitome of charm and beauty. The simplicity and exquisite nature of a sari have crossed all geographical borders and has become a runaway hit internationally. Such global recognition has only set fire to people’s mind, and designers are feeding on this rage by providing more and more of their killer creations. Designer wear has always been very popular, but since the time online fashion portals have mushroomed up, designer wear like by reeti arneja Punjabi bagh, are now more accessible to the common masses and are being utilised to the maximum extent, enabling to look and feel good always.

Designer Saris and their intricacies

Designer saris can range from a wide variety of fabrics. They could be of georgette, chiffon, crepe, silk, raw silk, net or even velvet. What one only needs to keep in mind while selecting a sari is their body type and the overall look to be achieved, since a great drape along the curves at the right positions, can make the difference between a ravishing beauty and a fashion disaster. Along with the different varieties of fabrics, comes the ever changing styles like printed, half and ahalf, fully embroidered, heavy borders or even shimmer pattern all over the body. Heavy blouses are in great demand along with more and more females opting for a sexy back look- either backless or strappy blouses. Some ladies are also indulging in cut-out blouses with full sleeve embroidered pattern. Such different instances of saris add on to the wow factor associated with the sari. Also, there are a number ways in which they can be worn. A woman can choose to let the drape hanging from her shoulders or even pin it up to give a neat and classy look. Some may even opt for the typical “bahu” look or even go all out with the Bengali “Jhola” look.

Remember how Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Madhuri Dixit Nene danced to the beats of “Dola Re” song from Devdas? This song captured the heart and minds of millions and literally took the sari concept to an all new dimension. The looks and the designs were imitated widely and received great recognition.

These examples make Bollywood a concrete part of lives and will remain so for many, many years to come. So, just visit places where they sell designer wear like at reeti arneja Punjabi bagh or any other designer’s shop.