Smart Way Of Disposing Old Beds, Mattresses and Headboards

Changing a bed, always brings happiness in your heart, but, it also means that you need to worry about disposal of the your aged framework. Disposal of framework means, disposal of every element of the bed, from its mattress to headboard to the body of the bed. It might sound simple to just buy a new bed and dispose the old one. However, disposing each element from headboard to mattress is nothing less than an agony in itself. There are numerous issues involved if it is disposed without considering the atmosphere. Though there are few ways of disposal that you can consider as an alternative to save yourself from from the environmental issues.


Disposing the bed in the dumping ground or landfill is an option, but it is highly untrustworthy and harmful for the atmosphere. In this process the headboards and the mattresses are disposed in the ground, yet they lay resting there on the ground owing to the non-biodegradable material that they are made from. Thus, if they’re dumped in the landfill they might be laying there for years.

A wise way of disposing your bed, is to give it away to a recycling facility. When you dispose your bed to these recycling facility they ensure to dispose your bed in a very reputable manner.

Another safe method of disposing your bed ┬áif it is in a functional condition is offering it to any charity group. There are many charities with furniture outlets, they even consider giving it to their shelter home. You don’t even have to pay a penny for disposing your bed, they would happily collect it from your home.

The bed and all elements including mattress and the headboard everything will be kept intact and shall be delivered to any homeless shelters, where it will be used to its optimum and you will have your bed disposed.

Nowadays, online shopping options are available in plenty. Another way of disposing your bed is to sell it online. Various online selling companies are operating today, which requires the sellers to upload the image of the items they want to sell in their selling platform. The buyers will use the same platform and buy the items at the the price set by the sellers. This is an economical method of disposing your used or old bed and earn money while doing it.

Apart from this, there is also a way to dispose your bed and get new bed in return. Brooklyn, NY and various other American cities have furniture outlet companies that provide this amazing deal of exchanging old with the new. You can search online as there are various companies that provide this kind of offer of exchange. You can ask them for the deal and get a new bed in exchange of your old one.

With Various choices available make sure you choose a smart way of disposing your bed and if luck permits, earn while doing it.