Roof Types In Fulham

A roof is the most important feature of the house. It is the pattern of the rooftop which catches the eye while driving through a property. There are many different types of roofs and each type compliments the basic infrastructure of the house or property.

The patterns of the roofs can be customised according to the architecture of the property. The basic rule for the traditional roof construction is to bring the cross walls up to the roof which bear the load of the roof and support the horizontal purlins.

The roofing Fulham has been an example of elegance in Europe and there are various roof shapes which have been improvised to get a plethora of different shapes and materials and each one has its own sophistication.

During the construction of the new property the architect recommends a particular type of roofing for the property depending upon the cost, style, pattern and the local planning restriction and building regulations. The basic types of roofing which can be recommended are:

The Flat roofing: It is often laid over an extended part of the house or the property like a garage. It is easy to install and fairly cheap.

A Mansard roof is typically a box like design of the roof for the upstairs living space which has windows protruding from the roofs.

A Trussed rafter roof is the lightweight alternative. It is constructed using the timber. One fitted on the top of the walls its frames are connected with the galvanised metal plates.

A Gambrel roof is very much similar to the Mansard roof. The Gambrel roof has perpendicular gable ends and the roof hangs just above the façade of the home. It creates large over hanging attics.

An Alpine roof has a sharp pitch of the alpine mountains stylefrom the Swiss Alps. This type of roof can bear the heavy weight of snow and hence the snow never settles of damages the roof.

The Cross Gabled roof is often seen on larger houses in Fulham which have several extensions. It gives a very dramatic look to the extended portions of the property.

The Shallow roofs are the simple plastic or the asbestos shallow roofs majorly used on agricultural buildings or warehouses.

The Dormers which is a smaller roofed surface protruding above the main roof. It provides additional space to the house in the form of an attic.

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