Natural Rugs Exhibit Style, Sophistication and Comfort

Process of carpet making or rug weaving can be traced back thousand years ago in history. There is no particular record depicting the date of carpet making, however there has been a discovery of the oldest carpets in a tomb of a Scythian prince in the hilly area of Siberia which dates to a very ancient period. Ever since the ancient times, Muslims in the middle east have been using the art of carpet making to create prayer rugs and it has been also used to add beauty to a living area. These carpets or the rugs made from the sheep’s wool or goat’s skin were used as part of tent covering for protection from sandstorm or floor covering to add comfort for the people to sit on or move with bare feet or as wall coverings as curtains. It also revealed its usefulness as blankets and saddles. Later on, this art travelled to Western Europe and became the part of their culture. It was used as a ritualistic form with different motifs or geometrical shapes and colors. In the contemporary period, it has maintained its popularity as one of the most essential ingredients of decorating the living room or the bedroom. Carpets are even installed in the commercial spaces which add sophistication and comfort.

Nowadays, carpet makers are deriving inspiration from the natural products to weave carpets or floorings of various sizes, patterns and colors. In order to stay in the spirit of the green revolution, people are decorating their houses with the items made from the natural fibers or plant-based products. It may be jute, sisal, seagrass, coir and bamboo, etc. Floorspace natural rugs and carpets offer the best quality natural fiber made floor coverings. Anyone who wants to install these high quality natural rugs in any area of their house should contact Floorspace. It is an organization of high esteem with excellent customer service operations. It addresses all of their customer’s needs carefully and design their natural rugs or carpets accordingly. Customers have the option of selecting their own design and color for weaving of their carpet. Whether you visit their store or their website you get to choose or design one or more of their natural rugs. Prices of some of their rugs are fixed and adjustable according to what suits the financial budget of their customers.

Whether it is jute, coir, sisal and seagrass rugs, these products are derived from plant fibers. Yet every plant fiber has its definite characteristic or property. Firstly, the jute plant grows in the tropical areas of India, Bangladesh, China and Myanmar. Other than carpet making, jute is also for making clothes and bags too. Coir is another plant product which is extracted from the husk of the coconut and kept in the wet areas to increase the softness and later on it is spun and weaved in to tough floor covering or mattresses. Natural sisal is taken from the lower leaves of a cactus plant and then it is processed into beautiful and useful carpets or rugs. In the same way, seagrass that grows in the seabed is harvested and then dried and weaved into floor coverings of unique design.

Although natural rugs are originating from different plants, these products share some common features too which are highlighted as follows:

  • These natural rugs do not need regular attention for cleanliness. Once every fortnight, cleaning with the vacuum cleaner is all that is required because the dust can easily be extracted from the body of the rug. Unlike the carpets made from the animal fibers or synthetic fibers it resists any stains.
  • Unlike the synthetic fibers, natural rugs made from the plant fibers are renewable and become useful even after it is thrown away.
  • Natural rugs maintain their natural appeal and therefore become the object of attraction in the living area or even in outdoor spaces. However, you should avoid exposure to the sun rays because it will ruin the appearance.
  • Natural rugs form a good insulator during the cold season, but if these products come in contact with the moisture or rain, then the damage is permanent.