Let’s Talk Vegas

Want to guide more vacationers to your local Vegas business? As you’re well aware, Las Vegas attracts bundles of vacationers from all areas each year. But getting those vacationers to visit your business can seem daunting. Don’t get overwhelmed. Instead, follow these simple tips to get started.

Hone Your Target

According to Helping Entrepreneurial Clients and Agencies Win, knowing your target market is a critical first step in driving more of those target consumers to your local business. By first pinpointing your target market, you can advertise in the right places with the right messages and at the right time.

Invest in Digital

Digital advertising can offer a major return on small investments. But, to experience the benefits of digital advertising, you must know how to best use it. For example, a few initial decisions to make include determining whether you’ll purchase Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Google ads, or a combination of those and other digital advertising options. You must also continually hone your digital marketing message to drive click-throughs and engage with your target audiences.

Utilize Social Listening

Social listening is a relatively new marketing tactic that has yet to be fully embraced by many business owners, especially among owners of small businesses. As such, there’s much potential for this tactic to help drive vacationers to your local Vegas business.

As its most basic level, social listening involves using one of the available platforms to follow hashtags and keywords related to your industry and business on Twitter and other social media sites. By monitoring social media conversations that include specific keywords and hashtags, you can then chime in with authentically helpful information. For example, if a vacationer is looking for a business like yours in Vegas, you can directly engage with that vacationer on social media.

You can also use social listening to gauge the tone of online conversations among vacationers regarding your business, as well as conversations regarding your competitors. All in all, social listening can become a very powerful tool in your marketing tool chest.

Attract Earned Media

Las Vegas is among the top U.S. destinations for travel writers. And those travel writers are always on the lookout for fresh and exciting stories on places in Vegas that are worth visiting. By establishing connections with local tourism offices and by pitching stories related to your business to those tourism offices, you’ll increase the chances that the tourism officials will direct travel writers to your local business. The earned media that can come out of such networking efforts can extend your business’s exposure to regional, national and international vacationers.

Track Important Data

From website landing page clicks to social media post engagement, track all important data related to each of your marketing tactics. This data will show you what is and isn’t working well within your marketing strategy and will provide the information needed to continually hone that strategy.

Attract more vacationers to your local Vegas business by investing in digital advertising, by honing your target market and more. By utilizing these efficient and easy tips, you can soon start seeing more vacationers walk through your business’s doors.