Is Your Live In Career Well-Prepared For The Job?

You have to be well-prepared to do the job at your workplace, and when you hire a carer to work in your home with a loved one you should expect a professional that is trained to do the job to your satisfaction. Starting with some research into the vetting process and the credentials of the carer that you want lays the ground work for a successful experience. How can you know that the live in carer is well-prepared for the job that you have? Ask some of the questions below and the end result will be a carer that meets and exceeds your expectations for quality home care.

  1. Start your search for a well-prepared professional carer by asking some of your personal friends and colleagues for recommendations if they have had a positive experience hiring a carer for their family. Once you have researched some local health care agencies you can narrow down your selection to the top three that you have determined hire the best staff members for your specific needs.
  2. Ask these outstanding home health care agencies to provide you with testimonials from previous and current clients who are well satisfied. Next, you should meet the agency representatives as well as the live in carer that they would suggest for your family so that you can begin to discuss your needs and their services. You’ll also want to get prices so that you can compare these agencies in your quest for the best. This is the time to pose queries about your concerns so that they can be addressed by each care agency. Keep notes from each of your meetings so that later you can refer to them as you make your decision.
  3. The professionals at suggest that you enquire about the training of the carers on staff, how often they participate in professional development, and if you can be assigned the carer on a consistent basis. It’s much better if you have the same live in carer for your loved one to bond with and establish a working relationship.
  4. Is your live in carer experienced? This should be a crucial point that helps to determine the decision that you make. If your loved one exhibits specific health issues it’s imperative that the carer be experienced and trained to handle this type of health problem.
  5. Will your live in carer have transportation? How will they handle an emergency and will they feel free to contact you if they encounter behaviour from your loved one that needs addressing? All of these factors can impact the effectiveness of your carer and their ability to deal with emergencies that may occur whilst they are on duty. Will they have your support if they have a personal issue that has to be dealt with? Establishing a strong working relationship with the carer and informing them about the steps to take and procedures they should follow in an emergency can help prepare them for your specific job. Is the live in carer mature and well-balanced in their approach to dealing with routine tasks? These are ideas you should consider when you think about hiring a live in carer to work with your family member.
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