Family Guy Trivia: 8 Fun Facts You Need To Know

If you love Family Guy you probably know a lot more about this hit show than the average man on the street. Perhaps you like showing off your Family Guy knowledge to family and friends? See how much of a Family Guy expert you are by checking out these fun facts about the show and its unforgettable characters.

Family Guy Trivia: 8 Fun Facts You Need To Know

  1. Family Guy Has Two Spin-Offs

An easy fact for starters: the show has gained in popularity to the extent that it now has two spin-off series entitled American Dad and The Cleveland Show. This second spin-off was not entirely popular, but American Dad has been a big hit, with many fans actually preferring it to the original.

  1. MacFarlane was Youngest Executive Producer in the Networks

When Family Guy was first aired, creator Seth Macfarlane was only 24, making him one of the freshest-faced executive producers in the business. His rise and rise to fame has made him one of the most successful, and popular, figures in the industry.

  1. The Reason Meg Griffin has a Hard Time

Meg is famously the character most put-upon and abused by the others in the show. She is constantly subjected to practical jokes and taunts. This not only sets up many of the best jokes in the show, but it is also due to the fact that, according to MacFarlane, none of the male writers on the show had any idea how to write the character of a teen girl.

  1. Why Hanna-Barbera Features So Highly

In many episodes of Family Guy we get parodies and cutaways to Hanna-Barbera cartoons including the Flintstones and the Jetsons. This is because MacFarlane once wrote for Hanna-Barbera and he retains a strong affection for the studio’s output, hence he likes to include references in his latest work.

  1. Death was going to be a Constant Theme

In the beginning, death was planned to be the theme of every episode and the first four shows did indeed focus on this morbid subject and they were given dark, obscure names from Mystery Radio shows in the 40s. But the constant theme was dropped, although death is now a character in the show and turns up at regular intervals.

  1. Glen Quagmire was based on Bob Hope

Family Guy Trivia states that Glen Quagmire is made to look like Bob Hope, the comedian and screen star that was wildly popular for over 80 years in the business.

  1. The Opening Credits Copy All in the Family

The sitcom All in the Family was hugely popular in the 1970s and Seth MacFarlane was also a fan. In the first moments of the theme song, Lois plays the piano while Peter is singing and this is a direct copy of the All in the Family theme. The show is also referenced repeatedly throughout the show.

  1. “Big Fat Phony” Guy Was Holden Caulfield

When Peter pretends to play the keyboard in a store, the guy who gets so upset at the pretence is credited as Holden Caulfield, the literary character in Catcher in the Rye who hates all forms of inauthenticity.