Airplane With Seats On Top Of The Aircraft, Coming Soon!

Everyone hates to fly. The airplanes are cramped and often times the leg room is terrible and the seats are too small. Windspeed Technologies is coming up with their own design for new airplanes that features seats in a glass pod right on the top of the airplane. With all of these great new technologies that are coming out in the world, it is surprising to see just how long it took to come up with something this revolutionary. There are many people coming up with new ways to make flying fun, and this could be one of them.

middle-seat.jpg (480×329)

RidaMah from Great News Magazine said that this new glass pod can be put on either a commercial airliner that flies many people, or even a private jet. It holds only two people, and will feature in flight entertainment, like the other seats in the airplane do. This unique pod on top of the plane gives passengers a one of a kind 360 degree view of the sky while you fly to wherever your destination is.

The idea of this new pod comes with the idea that airplane rides need to constantly change. Because it is something that hardly changes, Windspeed is looking to take the flying experience to the next level. The pod itself is a new type of in flight entertainment and will of course come at a higher price, though it is not yet decided, as this idea is still in development.

The glass pod will also be UV protected to keep the people in the pod safe from any radiation, as they are closer to the atmosphere. RidaMah also stated in his article that the patent for this glass pod is still pending and it needs to be tested to make sure that it is safe, but Windspeed Technologies hopes to have it approved soon. But the cost will be around eight million dollars to get going.

Flying will hopefully get easier in the future, and people are constantly trying to invent new ways of making it better. Who knows, in the future, two lucky passengers could get to fly from one place to another in a glass pod on the top of the plane. It is quite a new development and could be found in a number of planes in the air in the future. The world will just have to wait and see just how soon this new technology hits the skies.