Tips To Avoid Arrest And Verdict For A DUI Offence

The very first thing which you should do when you get pulled over due to drunk driving is to stay calm and refrain yourself from getting out of your car. When police officer comes to where you are, keep your license as well as registration prepared so that you can hand them over to him/her. Prevent yourself from fumbling around as it will only solidify the fact to the authority that you are intoxicated.

Tips To Avoid Arrest And Verdict For A DUI Offence

The officer will ask you whether you have used alcohol before driving your vehicle. Instead of saying yes and ending up in an extensive investigation as well as a court trial, just say that your attorney advised you to contact him/her before making your statement/s to any police officer. Ensure that your conversation is ephemeral and pertinent.

Tips to evade DUI custody

  • Make sure that your registration has not expired.
  • Follow all the traffic rules and avoid speeding, going beneath the limit of standard speed, making turns or changing lanes without any signaling and taking illegal U-turns.
  • Your vehicle must fulfill all the legal prerequisites required for it to be lawfully on any road. Make sure that your car has a license plate at its front and doesn’t have windows with much tint. Also, your brakes and headlights must be operating aptly without any defect.
  • Each and every part of your vehicle must be working properly, without violating any law.
  • In case you get arrested and wish to maintain all of your driving rights after the end of your license suspension, you should ask your insurance provider for a SR-22 form, after informing it about your conviction.

FSTs or coordination tests

In case, the officer probes you to get out of your car, do it without any question or hesitation. At any cost, don’t leave an impression on the officer that you are trying to obstruct justice. Otherwise, there are high possibilities of getting charged for a separate offence. The officer will try hard to find anything that proves to be a valid evidence in order to counter you and arrest you on the basis of a DUI violation.

The officer will ask you to take FSTs, which are nothing but some coordination tests conducted by a standard organization for traffic safety. These tests determine the state of intoxication of a person and the amount of BAC in him/her. Try to avoid these tests as they are really hard to pass, even for an individual who is very much in sober condition. Prevent giving any chances to the officer to arrest and incriminate you.

There is no legal requirement for you to take these tests. So, just politely tell the police that your lawyer has advised you to call him/her before opting for any sobriety examination.

If somehow, you end up with a case filed against you, then find a capable DUI lawyer San Diego to fight the case. He/she will protect you from becoming a prey to any greedy prosecutor, and will help you find effective solutions for your case.