Holiday Ideas For New Year – Seize Some Fun On The Go!

We are about to bid farewell to the year 2015 and welcome the year 2016 by all our charms. What is the best that we can do to make our New Year holidays all the more exciting and fun? Vacationing in a pristine destination would be so much fun. New Year is all about fun and merriment, as we welcome a new dawn with open arms.

Footloose in the Land of Sand, Goa

Goa is a small emerald area on the Indian West Coast. Goa’s natural scenery, plentiful greenery, beautiful beaches, holy temples, ancient churches with distinguishing architecture, vivid feasts, sparkling festivities, very hospitable and friendly people along with a rich cultural heritage make it an ideal holiday destination. We can in fact say that there is no other place like this in the whole world. There is a charm of festivities, fun, and so much merriment. Abandoning yourself in the open air here is totally sinful, as the place is full of vigor and there is a sense of togetherness in almost every nook and corner. Eat, drink, sing, and dance, here in this land of fun and merriment. The friendliness Goans is simply infectious. Although, there is a party going all year round in Goa, but these celebrations and festivities reach to a peak during the Christmas and New Year season. Various pubs, cafes and restaurants entertain the people with their live bands that play rocking music especially on the weeknights.

Enter Dubai with a Big Bang!

Dubai surely has come a long way from being just a fishing settlement, which it was at one point of time. The city is really a remarkable blend of a glorious past and present day modernization. Dubai is endowed with its own exclusive flavor of the Middle East world. It is really a city of luxury as well as relaxation, at the same time, along with a few extremums. From the spectacular Burj Khalifa to the tallest building in the world standing erect at 828m to the incredible Palm Jumeirah, the city of Dubai is a living testament of men’s great vision and great ambition. No wonder, it is one of the topmost tourist destinations in the world.

Step on the Welcome Mat of Sydney

Be a beach enjoyer in the refreshing morning, a vibrant tourist in the warm afternoon and a vulture of culture in the festive evening; here in Sydney, you can become almost anything you wish to be and at the same time, you can easily manage to merge all this together to have an epitome of fun. This city rolls out a gleaming welcome mat, welcoming you to the Opera House, the Harbour Bridge, the Blue Mountains and the Manly Beach, which are just a small glimpse of what all you can explore here. The metropolis treats you with much more by offering you much more than these dazzling landmarks.

Hover on the Eiffel Tower of Paris

The calm River Seine meanders through the entire city, which is flanked by imposing museums, ancient churches that are centuries-old, as well as the blocks of Rococo & architecture with Neoclassic designs, that is further heightened by fascinating foliage and gleaming streetlamps – this “City of Light and Romance” has so many tourist attractions than a tourist can even see in his small holidaying time. The treasures of Paris range farther than just the Louvre and the Eiffel Tower. The restaurants here serve scrumptious treats and give you a fine dine and wine experience which will even alter the way you ever thought about the tastes that you consume. With its impressive atmosphere and memorable ambiance, the city welcomes millions of tourists each year to this remarkable destination.

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