Choose A Sport That Takes You To Great Places

When we are young, we all look to get involved in a sport that we love. As an Australian, your initial instinct would be to join a cricket team in your school or high school. Cricket is a household sport in Australia and also a game that is of great significance to every Australian. Playing in the National Cricket Team of Australia can undoubtedly take you to great places in your life.

However, that is not the only sport that that can make sure that you flourish in life. Even basketball is a sport that can transform your life in many ways. It may not be as popular or loved as cricket within the nation, however, there are many individuals who have excelled in it even on international grounds.

Therefore, if you have the passion to learn and play basketball, don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Find an old basketball at your school gym and start hitting the court today. You don’t need any fancy equipment to pursue your passion. Once you progress in the sport, you will have ample opportunity to buy the fanciest and most expensive basketball that you want.

Learning the game is a life changing experience itself

Basketball is a sport of great discipline. It teaches you the value of hard work, commitment and most importantly perseverance. Getting the hang of certain techniques observed in the game takes more time than you’d like. While they may come naturally to certain individuals, others will need to try much harder to achieve them. However, the process of grasping these concepts will make you much fitter both mentally and physically.

The other most important thing basketball teaches you is the true significance of team work. This is a team sport that is truly driven by an entire team. One individual, no matter how skilled or experienced they are, cannot steer a match alone. It is impossible because the opposing team would simply target that specific individual and hinder his chances of ever even aiming for the ring.

Every member in the floor at a specific point needs to contribute equally if they are to score as one team. There may even be moments when you need to sacrifice your own ability to score for the betterment of the team. There will be moments when you fail to achieve an important milestone in your basketball career due to one mistake of another member of a team. Regardless of what happens to you as an individual, what your focus should be is to ensure that something positive happens to your entire team.

And the life lessons go on…

Like any other sport, basketball also teaches you to deal with victory as well as heartbreak. There could be instances where you lose due to just two points or get eliminated from the game before the first quarter even ends due to a stupid mistake that someone else on the court made. Such disappointments are common in basketball. The good news is that you have an entire team to help you cope with them and a support system that will be there for life.

It can open up educational opportunities around the world

Most young people who lack the financial means to afford tuition at a world class university or college work their entire life to obtain a scholarship that will secure them a higher education and a future job.

Basketball is a great way to grab this scholarship opportunity. You will not only have access to universities around Australia, but also to some of the best universities around the world. If you manage to excel in the sport and show good colours in your academics, there is nothing that can stop you from being among students in a university you always dreamt of going. Most university are interested in students who are passionate, rather than those who are driven by mere goals and future security. If you are someone who really loves basketball, and have also succeeded to shine at it, your passionate nature would be something that will be clearly evident to anyone.

It becomes a way of life

The greatest thing about being involved in a team sport that is as intense as basketball is that it builds an unbreakable bond among those in the team. You will have a set of teammates who will be your friends for the rest of your life.

Even after you retire from the game, you will have people who remember the magical days you had as a team and people to share your treasured memories and game stories with.

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