Animated Video: A New Way Of Advertising

Over the previous few years animated videos have been popping-up all around the net from social media sites to commercial websites.

Animated advertising videos are an exceptional medium to advertise your business online or offline via displays and exhibitions, as they can be very innovative and persuasive.

Video in general encourages visitors to stay an average of two minutes longer on an internet site, which is huge considering the common attention span is typically eight seconds.

This statistic indicates that we love video content.

Animated promotional videos can be very informative, and if produced by someone with big amount of creative aptitude, they can convey each difficulty no matter how complex.

There is no better medium than animated explainer videos to convey the features, advantages, benefits and USP’s of the products or services your commercial enterprise offers.

The production technique is separated into six stages, so the video comes together collectively.

  1. Script
  2. Illustrations
  3. Storyboard
  4. Voiceover
  5. Concept
  6. Full video

There are many distinct methods of creating a lively video and there are many video manufacturing businesses in the market to choose.

Reel Effect offers you a whole crew of professionals who can cope with the whole video manufacturing method for you, from storyboarding to video final sign-off.

Reel Effect can communicate the features, benefits and unique selling points your product or service has to offer, clearly, concisely and in a modern format that your visitors will enjoy.