If you search google for the most trusted paid to click sites to join, then you’ll get thousands of websites that claim that they hold in their hands the Golden List of the most trusted paid to click sites.

The reality though is far from what these people present.

99% of these websites are ‘’referral farms’’. They upload a bunch of banners to their websites from paid to click websites that are not necessarily trusted and they brand these paid to click websites as trusted.


The reason they do this is because they are affiliated to these paid to click websites and they are trying to get direct referrals. Id not bad to promote a paid to click website like this, but if you are going to say that it is trusted, then upload affiliate links from REAL Trusted paid to click websites.

The people who build these websites know that they are very saturated and they join New paid to click websites in order to be amongst the first to promote it.

They don’t even know how long the new paid to click site will last. They just join, hoping to last. In the meantime, they brand it as trusted. Innocent guys that search for trusted paid to click websites to invest their time and money, join these paid to click websites and after a couple of months, the paid to click website shuts down leaving people wondering why.

Real Trusted Paid to click websites are only five and they can be found on this list here. All 5 websites have been up and running for over 5 years each and they have a steady amount of new members and advertisers.

If you are thinking on joining a number of paid to click websites, then I suggest you join the ones that are shown in the website that I linked above.

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