Understanding The Nuances Of Shade Cloth Printing

Fencing that used to create barriers only is now being effectively used by advertisers for branding their products and services through low cost advertising. Thanks to the popularity of shade cloth printing that has made it possible. Businesses  of all kinds especially event industries and construction industries have been able to gain considerable mileage in advertising and branding using the new found media that is economical, high impacting and flexible with a wide reach. Generally used for outdoor advertising, this media has become highly popular in spreading messages in the most cost effective manner.

Popular locations

The best thing about the shade cloth printing media is that it does not require any special position for display. As the scrolls come in varying sizes, it gives enormous flexibility for displaying it. The banner or advertisement can be made to suit any size of fencing that can either create a demarcation for privacy as seen at construction sites where the advertisement panels  on fencing cut out view of the construction site from outside or can simply be used as temporary barriers that line the perimeter of a musical event or sporting activity.

Printing features

Shade cloth advertising is primarily meant for outdoor display and the technology of printing has been developed to make advertisements last for long duration braving the environmental hazards of sunshine and rain. The printed texts are sharp and have a high visual impact as these are printed using the digital technology. To make it long lasting both the fabric and the ink that is used for printing are specially treated so as to make it resistant to UV rays of sunlight.

Printed shade cloth

Knotted monofilament HDPE (high density polyethylene) that is strong and durable but is permeable enough to allow wind to pass through is used for making printed shade cloth.  Also known as fence fabric signage, fence mesh or scrim it can be attached to temporary fences, building facades, chain wire fences or scaffolding. An average life span between 1 and 2 years can be expected if it is properly installed and handled. It can also be washed for cleaning and re-used as the printing technology that is used imparts scratch proof properties to the printed surface.

Print format

Block colors, texts and logos are best for printed shade cloth. Instead of trying complicated color mixes with complex images, keeping the text bold and visible in selected colors leave a long lasting impression in the minds of viewers. Keeping the writing plain and simple against a colored background brings out the best in this type of advertising.  Photographs and images are not suitable for printing on this media that is very porous to allow wind to pass through and prevent it from tearing. Use of dark colors like blue or black is best as even after losing its brightness due to porosity of the media, it can retain a good amount of its depth and appeal.

Plan you advertising campaign keeping in mind the limitations of printing so that you can reap the benefits of this cheap advertising option.