Pune – The Unconventional But Exciting Holiday Destination

One of the fastest emerging cities in India, Pune is a beautiful place in the state of Maharashtra. Although not as celebrated as its neighbouring city Mumbai, Pune has its own charm. The beautiful city with a fair share of natural beauty and skyscrapers is becoming a heavily populated city with a large number of students and working professionals coming to settle there. Although not popular as a prominent ‘tourist destination’, Pune manages to draw a good number of tourists every year.

Pune has many places of interest for tourists and travelers. There are nearby sweet spots you can getaway to during your stay there. The luxurious abundance of Pune hotels will also pamper you in the best way after your long tiring day. The best time to visit Pune is during the festive seasons. September kicks off the festive seasons making you witness the real deal of the Maharashtrians with Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations. You will get to witness and experience the cultural side of Pune and Maharashtra as a whole. The festive seasons get little room to breathe around before the November comes and the Christmas and New Year’s festive moods begin to hover around the city. The decorated streets and the buildings and complexes with decorative lights truly warms up your heart. The city is no more quiet and there are parties everywhere during this season. You will also see various open air concerts which celebrates rock and festive music. With the huge number of students residing there these concerts and parties are always full of life and happening. Pune has a calendar filled with rock concerts and artists from all over come to perform in such rock festivals.

Pune is also one place which offers something for the adrenaline junkies. Paragliding and horseback riding are some. You could also visit the water park or just go out and seek adventure and you will definitely find one. Pune is well connected by trains. It has an above average train station as compared to other Indian cities. With an information booth, internet cafe and a computerized ticket booking office which makes it easier for travellers to check their train and ticket status. For instance, if you wanted to know the train number 15025 running status you could easily go to the information booth and get the exact status of the train.