A Guide To The Benefits Of Aluminum Ladders

Aluminum ladders heavily outscore its wooden counterparts on parameters of weight and durability. Just think how you would have struggled with a wooden ladder of extra height to handle it on your own. Would you not then crave for an aluminum ladder that is much lighter in weight?  This strong, versatile and corrosion resistant metal has been the favorite choice of ladder manufacturers. Aluminum ladders do not need to be stored indoor or under a shed like wooden ladders that can rot if exposed to rain and sun. Having almost zero maintenance without any need of painting, aluminum ladders are just the right choice for any application barring electrical installations as the metal can conduct electricity that might endanger lives. The reason for its suitability in manufacturing ladders is hidden in the properties that make aluminum the number one choice.

Physical properties are favorable

The physical properties of aluminum and its characteristics are highly conducive for ladder making thus giving it an inherent advantage over other materials like fibre glass or timer.

  • Light weight – Among the three common ladder making materials aluminum is the lightest of all. Since maneuverability is a major consideration for ladders, an aluminum ladder is much lighter than a similar ladder made from timber or fibre glass.
  • Environmental impact – There is almost no environmental impact on aluminum due to its corrosion resistant properties. Wooden ladders if left exposed to the environment may rot in moist conditions and might even warp and get develop cracks. Fibre glass ladders also might get split. But aluminum ladders remain unaffected even if left under the sky for extended period.
  • Non inflammable – This is a unique quality of the metal that makes it the most preferred choice for fire ladders. Added to this is the durability of aluminum that is really unmatched.
  • It’s cheap – Aluminum ladders are cheap as compared to wooden or fibre glass ladders as the manufacturing process is comparatively simpler than wood or fibre glass.
  • Maintenance freeNo maintenance whatsoever is required for an aluminum ladder.
  • Non-oxidizing – Aluminum alloys do not oxidize on being exposed to the atmosphere. Any reaction that happens is absolutely non-toxic and it is inert to other metals that may come in its contact.
  • High strength – Aluminum has high strength that is further enhanced by alloying it with other metals. Aluminum alloy can be even stronger than structural steel as is evident from its use in making aircrafts that has to withstand enormous atmospheric pressure at high altitudes. The tensile strength of aluminum is 30,000 pounds per square inch that enables it to bear heavy weights.

Besides all the benefits that have been listed above the ratio between the weight and strength of aluminum  is much superior than fibre glass and timber that gives it a cutting edge  in the ladder manufacturing process which is much less expensive.

It is now well understood why people would hardly give a second thought about aluminum when it comes to ladders.