Why It Is Important To Maintain and Build Your Business Website

The primary purpose of your company website is to drive revenue and traffic for your business. If it is not doing this, then you need to re-think your approach to it. Perhaps you did everything right, the designers came up with a great looking site and you did all the SEO work for content and focus but it’s still not doing the job. What’s the problem? Chances are, it was built beautifully and then just left alone to run itself, which is simply not enough.

Ongoing maintenance

This is one of the most critical and overlooked components of a website strategy that is meant to take your organization forward. You may have created a perfect foundation with your initial build, but to keep it working for you, and to maximize return, it needs ongoing maintenance.

Creating the right impression

The first impression created by a company’s website is critical. If the “latest” news you see on your website is a couple of years old or the footer’s copyright date is a few years ago,your potential new customers will be left behind. On the other hand, if your website is up-to-date,you will create the impression that you are on top of things, good at communication, and that you’re basically a safe pair of hands.

Search engines and traffic

Search engines thrive on content that is fresh. Update your site regularly and your search rankings will increase. With old content, the engines lose interest and your rankings drop, so less traffic arrives at your door. Your website is one of your main marketing tools. It is an indispensable part of your overall strategy in this digital age. Marketing tools such as Matomy on Youtube assist organizations of all kinds to develop and optimize their websites.

Bug fixes and security patches

Any content management system needs to be updated constantly, as bug fixes and security patches become available. Hackers will always be trying to break in, uploading malware and Trojans and taking full advantage of security gaps. If you don’t want customers and visitors to be infected by your site, keep the security up to date.

The advance of technology

The web is never static. It keeps growing and changing as new technologies come online, and your site content has to keep up with this evolving process. Successful online strategists like the Matomy Media Group use the latest online marketing tools to make small changes to client sites on a regular basis or to completely overhaul a site every year or so.


By adding new data to your website and regularly updating it, you are guaranteed to increase your return on the investment and greatly improve your site’s performance. You’ll create the right impression, boost your traffic with the search engines, keep customers returning and be ready for any technology changes.