Top 5 Heating System Brands In The U.S

It is the joy of every homeowner to find the most efficient heating systems for their homes. Choosing the best will enable you to cut on the energy costs and also to improve the indoor environment making it more tolerable especially during winter. When finding the best heating system, there are some basic features that an individual should look out for.

For instance, a good system should be quiet, low on servicing needs and should be able to last for a long time with little maintenance. If you have had your system break down during the peak of the summer or in the dead of winter, then you must have realized the importance of finding the best heating systems brands for your needs. This article highlights some of the top brands for heating systems currently in the U.S market.

Top five Heating System Brands In The US

Amana brands

Amana is a corporation based in the United States, which specializes in household appliances. It was founded by George Foerstner in 1934 as the Electrical Equipment Co. it initially specialized in the manufacture of commercial walk-in coolers. The company has seen the transformation over the years where it has also changed ownership from Refrigeration Inc to the Whirlpool Corporation who are the current owners.

The brand boasts of superior technology in the manufacture of their products that are highly rated by their consumers. Amana brands were the company behind the world’s first ever seen walk-in cooler.

American Standard

American Standard is a North American manufacturer specializing in plumbing utilities that are sold under the American Standard brand name. Their heating systems have earned their share in the market due to their versatility and reliability. They sell various types of heat pumps that include.

  • AccuComfort Platinum 20 heat pump.
  • Platinum ZM Heat pumps.
  • AccuComfort Platinum 18 Heat pumps
  • Platinum XM heat pumps
  • Silver 13 Heat Pumps
  • Silver 14 heat pumps

The company was in 2015 recognized by the Builder Magazine for the spot of “Top Brand Familiarity” in the bathroom accessories category.

Carrier brands

The company was established way back in 1902. Since its inception, the carrier has been able to penetrate beyond the American market with their top brand heating systems finding their way to various destinations across the world. The company has been on an aggressive campaign since 1994 to lead other industrial players to phase out the ozone-depleting refrigerants by introducing more efficient technologies for air conditioners.

Coleman brands

Coleman has been on the market for over a century now and is one of the trusted American icons. Their heating systems have passed the test of time gaining a lot of trust from many of the American homeowners.

Daikin brands

Daikin is a multinational company with operations in China, Japan, India, Australia, Europe, South East Asia, South America and North America. Daikin Industries are the inventors of Variable Refrigerant Flow Air conditioning systems. Daikin penetrated the American market 2004 and within the short, they have been able to win the hearts of many homeowners with their quality products.

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