Advantages Of Custom Embroidered Softshell Jackets In San Diego

Even in sunny Southern California, San Diego employees reach for a lightweight jacket on cooler days. By providing the right branded jacket, you avoid many of the problems that come when a branded jacket is not part of your company’s workwear, such as branding not being visible or customers not being able to identify employees.

This makes choosing the right jacket for your business very important. It must look professional and still allow employees the mobility they need to do their job effectively. One of the most popular choices in branded workwear jackets is the softshell jacket. Soft shell jackets are made from a class of woven materials that are designed to be lightweight, breathable, durable and flexible making them ideal for outdoor and jobs requiring high mobility.

Embroidered softshell jackets offer all the advantages business owners seek in branded workwear, and more. Here are a few of the most important advantages of custom embroidered soft shell jackets.

Softshell Jackets are on Trend

Being on trend is extremely important, even in employee workwear. It demonstrates knowledge of what the customer base likes, and an involvement in trends outside their own industry. Since softshell jackets are such a popular trend in everyday fashion, using them in workwear speaks to the customer base and reflects positively on the business.


Many business owners wonder if having branded jackets is necessary, or if they offer enough advantages. Very quickly business owners find that not having them creates a huge problem of uniformity when employees cover up with a wide range of colors and styles. Once the workwear is covered with personal wear, your business looks to merely have employees rather than a team.

Branding Remains Visible

Without a branded jacket as part of the workwear, on the first cool day employees cover up with their personal wear and essentially block out your other branded wear, such as work shirts. This means that on every cool day, your logo has lost a multitude of opportunities to make lasting impressions.

Employees Retain Mobility

Most jackets are bulky and restrict movement to some degree. In the workplace, this can cause problems in safety as well as productivity. The materials used to make soft shell jackets are thinner than those to make many other jackets. Additionally, since soft shell jackets are typically used in sports, jacket designs are ideal for high-activity and created for the widest range of motion. This allows employees to stay warm but retain the utmost mobility needed to perform their job safely and efficiently.

Comes in a Wide Range of Colors, Styles, and Options

San Diego businesses love flexibility and options, and soft shell jackets offer just that. They come in a wide range of colors that can complement any company color scheme, and make the company logo stand out. Styles too, are very diverse and come in options such as long, short, welded, hooded, not hooded, and removable hoods. There are popular choices such as zippered or non-zippered pockets.

Weather Resistant and Weather Proof Options

Another reason San Diego businesses favor soft shell jackets is that they come in both water resistant and water proof options. This gives the jackets an added advantage without sacrificing the elements of mobility or style.

Affordable Soft Shell Jackets

Another important factor is that of affordability. Soft shell jackets offer some of the most economical choices in workwear. In addition to a wide range of affordable price points, the jackets are also phenomenally durable, reducing the need to be replaced frequently. This durability adds to the over-all savings.

Provide More Bang for Your Buck

Having branded for your business is not just a convenience; it is part of a business plan that involves strategies that weigh the elements of style, influence, visibility, and the message that the style sends to the consumer. It is not just about having branded work gear, it is about having branded work apparel that stands out from the rest and reflects your company culture

Rather than being just workwear, soft shell jackets step out beyond utility to gain attention and make your brand stand out, becoming part of your marketing strategy.

Branding a business well is a complex process that requires attention to every single detail, down to the choice in jackets, to make the best and most lasting impression on customers. Custom soft shell jackets deliver some of the best values possible in custom apparel. With so many versatile styles, there is a one perfect for every business. For more information visit : EmbroidMe San Diego