8 Tips To Improve Your Assignment Writing and Make It Fun

Writing your essays and doing your assignments is boring. If it were not boring, then companies would be selling assignments for people to do on the Internet for $70, instead of selling PC games for $70. People do not do written assignments because they are fun; they do them because they have to. But, isn’t there a way of making assignment writing fun? Does it always have to be a bitter slog to get the work done?

1 –  A Joke At The End Of Every Paragraph

One could cite the studies that show how endorphins motivate people, and then connect adding funny jokes to your with that, but the reason that adding jokes to your work is a good idea is far more simple–its fun! Like tickling an elephant’s belly when it has a trunk full of water.

2 – Use Your Creativity With Humor

Writing essays and assignments is a dull, boring, dry and very clinical process, which is why adding a joke at the end of each paragraph helps to lighten the mood and make it fun. If your professor doesn’t mind this sort of thing, and enjoys a joke himself/herself, then leave in the joke. Otherwise, remove the jokes at the end when you proofread, and paste the jokes on posts on Google+ so that they are not wasted.

3 – Get Another Person To Do It For You

What is more fun that having somebody else do your work for you? There are studies up and down the country that claim as many as 50% of college and university students use essay writing services at least once during their education. However, those studies are flawed because the market suggests that a massive amount of students use essay-writing services frequently. There are so many essay-writing services on the market, and they hire so many people, that logically they must have far more customers than official studies suggest.

4 – Get An Essay Writing Service To Do It For You

Get an essay writing service to write your essays for you, and you can take the time to relax a little, have fun, or study. The students that have other people do their essays for them are the ones that are able to cram in more revision. This allows them to score highly on their written assignments and on their exams. It’s always useful to read reviews on sites like topaussiewriters to get your assignment writing from the best service online.

5 – Add More Media Than You Probably Should

Break up the monotony of essay writing by adding a little bit of media. Add a picture or a video here and there. If your professor allows the addition of media into your work, then by all means add it.

6 – Have Fun Finding Media

Researching pictures and constructing charts for your work is fun. It is so fun that it may be a good idea to add in some media every time you are bored or tired of working. It breaks the monotony, and it cannot do your work any harm unless your professor specifically tells you to tone it down.

7 – Pick A Topic You Actually Enjoy Writing About

Just because you are writing about a topic that you enjoy, it doesn’t mean that a day writing an essay will become as fun as a day at a theme park. You are still going to find the process a little dull and dry, but writing about something you know about and writing about a topic you enjoy is often quite engaging.

8 – Having Fun Makes Writing Quicker And More Enjoyable

There are times when you will get lost in your work to the point where you churn out 1000 words without even realizing it. The writing process goes a little quicker, and you actually learn something about a topic you enjoy (which is never a bad thing). Also, in terms of motivation, writing about something you enjoy may be dull, but writing about a subject you hate could be defined by this quote, “Every word is like tearing the flesh from my body” (Gustave Flaubert).