Guest Folders Make A Good Initial Impression

If you ever stay at a hotel, a guest folder is always a nice amenity. It allows you to learn more about the place where you are staying. The guest folder contains information about a hotel’s services, including general details about sites and attractions that are near the hotel. You, no doubt, will notice the type of folder that contains the information – information that can also be construed as one of the ways a hotel markets its property.

Increasing Profitability

Hoteliers like guest folders as they enable them to market their properties in the best possible light. The initial cost that is expended for a folder is well worth the investment as outlining a hotel’s services can also increase profitability in the long term.

Coordinating the Guest Book with the Guest Room Decor

Smart UK are specialists in guest information folders. Therefore, companies like Smart UK are able to work with hotel properties in making sure their presentation information is featured in a binder or folder that forms a positive impression. Folders are offered in bespoke sizes and are available in a variety of covers. Some of the choices even include genuine wood. Other cover choices include simulated leather, real leather and elephant grain materials. Modern and vibrant fabrics can be coordinated with the style and décor of the guest rooms.

Special Features

Again, different sizes are available in a folder, all of which are featured in such fixing options as eyelets, ring binders and PVC pockets. These are just a few of the alternatives from which you can select. You may also pick folders that feature stationary pockets that can be affixed by gluing them or stitching them on the front or back cover. These pockets generally hold such marketing materials as mini-brochures, flyers or leaflets.


Needless to say, it is nice that the folders can be personalised and customised to a hotelier’s specifications. Customisation comes in the form of debossing, embossing, screen printing, engraving or even hot foiling. These kinds of folders are definitely bespoke products – designed with a specific kind of property in mind. Whether the accommodations are a boutique hotel or a bigger corporate style venue, the folders can complement the basic requirements of the property.

Making a Good First Impression

Any hotel property that wants to make a good first impression with its visitors needs to consider the kind of guest folder that it is incorporating into its guest rooms. Even something as simple as a guest folder can make a big difference in the kinds of customers you attract and how they feel they are received.

Consider Your Options Carefully

Therefore, if you are a hotel manager or in charge of buying guest folders for your hotel, you need to be deliberately carefully on your choice of a binder. Because the coverings come in a variety of styles and fabrics, you want to make sure that the folder coordinates well with the environment of your property. Make sure that the folder is not only noticeable but provides a pleasant presentation of the amenities of your hotel.