Finding A Proper Topic For An Argumentative Essay

Developing a high-quality argument essay commences with a listing of argumentative essay topics. One of the top ways to pick a topic is to get one that you are well conversant with. The topic should be idea-provoking, and must capture the reader’s mind. In every argument paper, there are two sides, and there must be convincing information to support or oppose each side. Examples of argumentative essay topics can be based on many things such as politics, homosexuality, immigration, teenage pregnancy and many more.

Writing your topic in “thesis, antithesis and synthesis” model is an ideal way for creating your points and logics. Besides, this model permits you to give an excellent clarification at the end of your topic.

Argumentative Essay

The following are some essential tips to aid you write a perfect argumentative essay:

– Introduce your topic

In argumentative essays; the introduction plays a very significant role. Thus, the introduction and first paragraph must be very captivating to capture the attention of the reader. It ought to be a subject of public interest. Avoid topics about your personal issues. The introduction must be very graspable and keen to make it appear that you are about to discuss a crucial subject matter. Your point of the argument is supposed to be clear to make the reader understand your perspective-whether you support the topic, or you are against it.

– Explain the importance of your topic

Let your reader understand why the subject is significant and how it can help us find an ideal panacea. This is essential for developing an interest in your topic.

– Present both sides of the argument

The body of the paper must take in the main point of your controversy. You should dig deep into the area under discussion to declare both sides of the argument. Alongside, you must clearly indicate the pros and cons of the topic accompanied by strong points and arguments.

After expounding the two sides, you should institute your judgment and clarify appropriately why your point of view is right.
Look for ideas. There are hundreds of websites offering argumentative essay topics, like this one.

– Avoid emotional language

Avoid using any emotional language in the essay. It weakens your logical conclusion and the supporting information.

– Other valuable tips

  1. Plan your essay correctly
  2. Create an ideal outline
  3. Cite and quote your sources
  4. Be geared up to support your point and side

The most significant part of the essay is the conclusion part. With the support of preceding paragraphs, the conclusion part of the essay must never start a new argument nor can it back the negative or positive side of the subject matter. It should restate the argument from the opening paragraph and make a general decree about the information that has been argued in your essay. The conclusion must be distinctive and should remain nonaligned. However, it is a good idea to conclude the essay with a personal view about the topic. Your point of view should be supported by the materials included in the previous part of the paper.

An argumentative essay example is a perfect method of approaching your paper. And it can proffer you with strong points about a topic with facts and proof to support it. Both the negative and positive sides of the topic need to be represented in the essay while evidently declaring the side of the argument you represent.
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