Exactly What Is Salesforce ?

Salesforce as a company was started in 1999 by a former executive of Oracle, Marc Benioff. The objective of the company is to provide software services to companies in the enterprise sector. When people hear about the company, many will ask What is Salesforce?

The main platform for Salesforce is an enterprise application that provides an interface for companies that handles case management and task management. It has an automatic system that is built in that automatically routes and escalates events that are important.

What Is Salesforce – The Essence

There is also a customer portal that allows customers the opportunity to become involved in their orders, relationships with the vendor company and the ability to comment on the platform as well as on social networks. There are also sub-platforms that can perform analytics, access to customer accounts, entitlement and contracts.

Salesforce is widely used by sales representatives in keeping track of prospects, clients, clients orders, deliveries, problems and everything else in between.

From the standpoint of a marketing or sales person, Salesforce is a dream come true. It simply allows the marketing person to become more organized and keep track of every little detail that occurs during the sales process with the idea of creating a better atmosphere for doing business.

Sales force can assist locating more high quality leads, by tapping into directories and similarly public records sources. It allows quicker access to a lead pipeline that literally grows itself. All of the sales processes can then be organized and automated to allow for more selling time.

One of the keys about answering the What is Salesforce question is the ability it offers in the marketing area. It is possible to set up a drip marketing campaign, and periodically drop a note to key prospects. It is possible to set up social media campaigns to get the work out. In planning well thought out campaigns and then following up with Salesforce, a salesperson can optimize their time and be more effective.

Information and messages can be delivered to customers on their terms and at the time that they want them to be delivered. This makes for a very easy way to communicate with customers and give them the information that the really need to make decisions.

With an enterprise system like Salesforce, all the information that customers need to have, can be stored and be readily available instantly. Many buyers and decision makers have to run information by others in the chain of command, and this allows that information to be readily available.

Customer service capabilities can be built right into Salesforce so that the customer-to-be will know ahead of time just how that will work when he does business with you. Nothing is perfect and there will always be times when a customer service contact will be necessary, and that is easily arranged.

All in all, the answer to the question of “What is Salesforce?” is demonstrated when a sales executive sits down with a customer and shows what all it can do for the customer. It helps to close sales.