Edwardian Conservatories- A Classic Addition To Your Home!

The Edwardian indoor garden, mainly popular as Edwardian conservatory was much popular during the initial 1900’s (i.e., from 1901 to 1914) that is during the time of Edwardian period. During this period, the conservatory was mainly in a square or rectangular shape having a hipped roof at one end. Other than that, the bold features can be incorporated with these conservatories like adding the fanlights or just a smaller row of the windows at the top of the side framing.

Nowadays, these Edwardian indoor gardens or conservatories uniquely combine clean symmetrical shapes having delicate finishing touches. This result in a classic yet understated conservatory style and so fits best for those who are looking for the simple and uncomplicated conservatory design. There are some of the best features that make Edwardian the most popular conservatory and a classic addition to the home. So let us have a look at those features:

  • Gives traditional appearance: The Edwardian can be considered as a quintessential conservatory for those who want to enhance the traditional aspects of their property. Without any mere extensions, the Edwardian style could be beautifully blended with the existing brickworks. As the name of the conservatory suggests, these are built according to the classical Edwardian architecture and is ideal for the period homes. This type of built-ups offers one with a classic as well as authentic look. As a result, it looks perfect for the Edwardian style homes while complementing greatly with the furnishings of the home. Although, the current trend of modern UPVC conservatory is being greatly designed for the contemporary homes. This will, as a result, enhance aesthetics while breathing life back along with any property in need of a facelift.
  • Have spacious interiors: When one opts keeping decoration to a minimum extent, the conservatory itself offers a good amount of floor space while allowing the benefit from the spacious design. One could look forward to the perfect inclusion of the furniture, plants as well as patio essentials. One could even renovate or extend their existing house in order to create a spacious lounge or a playroom or even a beautiful dining room. Having a symmetrical design of the Edwardian’s, it offers the perfect proportions for the sitting areas. The design of Edwardian greenhouse is highly versatile while offering you with the endless opportunities.
  • Look at Edwardian conservatory roof: The Edwardian especially features for a generous sloping pitched roof. This offers people with the best-vaulted effect. This vaulted effect effectively captures as well as helps in enhancing the natural light that illuminates the conservatory. In the Edwardian type of conservatory, the front part of the roof is being pitched and is popularly known as or termed as a ‘hipped front.’ This is so because the ridge is considered as the apex to the roof while making it much similar to the roof of any of the house. In addition to this feature, the roof could be adjusted or can be made fit to ant type of the property. As a result, if you are having a house that has the height restrictions, you can get the benefit from an Edwardian. This is helpful in the houses like the bungalow.

Significant reasons to opt for Edwardian conservatory:

The Edwardians have some of the most appealing features that drive people crazy to look towards it as an option. Being simple in design, it has its own traditional aesthetics. Also, it maximizes the floor space and is adaptable with various design features. Thus, one could look towards these types of conservatories in order to get a classic addition to their home.