Cosmetic Dentistry Plano Services For Smile Improvement

Cosmetic dentistry popularity is at optimum level currently. There are a wide range of services being offered to the people willing to have their oral parts modified. Cosmetic treatment means that it is optional and focused on the décor of the mouth for a better looking smile. These mainly involve closing up gap left by lost teeth and replacing the damaged ones. Many people who have low confidence and self-esteem due to their teeth being shaped improperly are also catered for. The other most common defect of bad breath is also treated by cosmetic dentist.

There are very many procedures under the title cosmetic dentistry. It is important that an individual first assess the benefits against the risks and what it is that is expected when undertaking the processes. The cost to be incurred also should be considered prior to undertaking them. If the procedure will require further maintenance, it should also be noted. Some of these services are outlined below.

Teeth whitening

This is a service that is focused to correcting stained teeth. Stained teeth will make someone not to have the freedom when smiling or talking because the teeth will be exposed. There are many substances that go through our mouths and affect the teeth color. These include tobacco, tea, coffee, soft drinks among others. There are many options that you can choose to restore your tooth color. You can opt to visit a cosmetic dentist plano for in-office options. They will apply the peroxides directly after protecting the gums and the lips. The results will then be visible in about a period of one hour. The cost however is a bit higher than the at-home options.

Some other individuals choose to do it themselves at home. The dentists will then consider these individuals and give the whitening products to use at home. The results will start being observed in about 7 days but the cot is cheap. Either way you choose, the teeth color will be restored and made shiny so that the smile is nice looking.


This is another cosmetic service intended to make the teeth surface look nice. Many patients go to the cosmetic dentists with broken, chipped, cracked and stained teeth. Such patients are treated by bonding whereby the tooth colored material is used to cover the teeth enamel. The shape of the tooth is maintained. Excess space in between teeth can also be treated this way. It is a procedure done in a single dentist visit and are permanent.


These are procedures recommended for the teeth surfaces that are discolored or shaped improperly. They are made according to the measurements taken by the dentist to exact fitting. The appearance is greatly improved. They are better than bonding. You need to visit a cosmetic dentist for these services.

Dental crowns

Sometimes, the enamel condition is beyond repair. Such needs to be treated by covering them with teeth looking materials. Dental crowns will restore the size and shape of the tooth by covering them completely. Normal oral conditions are restored and an individual can have a perfect smile out of these artificial additions. Weak and decayed teeth are effectively controlled by these crowns. Dental implants can also be covered effectively.