Points To Remember While Buying A New RC Helicopter

No matter how old people grow, flying RC helicopters have been amusing activity for all. There is huge range of available Remote Radio Control Helicopters in the market, from simple flying machines to very complex helicopters requiring you to assemble them completely from scratch. Apartment from that, this hobby can also offer you many different ranges of levels they are designed for. If you are just planning a little fun for your family using that Remote Controlled flying machine, or you may be trying to become the greatest remote controller around in the field. Before purchasing your first RC helicopter, you must look upon the following points carefully:

  1. For How Long Are You Going to Fly It?

There is a great range of available styles and quality when it comes to choosing RC helicopter. Of course, they vary greatly in price as well. Some of them are RTF (ready to fly) and assembled already. These are the best option for beginners, since they are easy to setup. While others are ARF (Almost ready to fly) is another available type. They are not completely assembled and required some assembling before getting up to flying activity. They are good for intermediate users since they require some setup before flying. Then, for expert users, there are kits that need complete assembly before flying. They feature separately the engine and transmitter.

  1. Electrical or Gas-powered?

Both of these power sources have their own pros and drawbacks. It must be remembered that electrical powered RC helicopters are much cheaper than gas powered, and are easier to operate. They are most suited for beginners. Apart from price, ease of use and level of expertise, electrical powered helicopters are much more silent than gas powered. Also, they are flexible to use and can adapt to any environment. Also, electric powered RC helicopters don’t use gas that produces fumes and bad smell, and instead uses electrical batteries, which don’t have these drawbacks.

Even though the gas powered RC helicopters have so many hassles associated with them when compared to inexpensive electrical powered ones, but they are geared more towards expert users. They are also much more realistic towards actual helicopters. Pilot also gets more chance to interact closely with his RC helicopter. Gas powered helicopters have one more advantage. That is they can be easily refilled with more gas once it exhausts, while electrical powered ones require you to either completely replace batteries which is very costly or wait for the electrical batteries to recharge.

  1. Place of Flight

There are so many available sizes when it comes to RC helicopters. For indoor fun or places where there is very little space, then it’s the best to have 4CH Remote Control Mini Helicopters which are small enough to fit into anyone’s hand and are designed for flying indoors. Electric powered helicopters are usually good for large and open places which are enclosed. This is due to the fact that unlike gas powered ones, they don’t produce toxic fumes while operation.

For flying helicopter outside, you must take wind speed into serious consideration. Because in larger wind speeds, it must not be wise idea to fly lighter and smaller RC helicopters and heavier and larger RC helicopter would be better idea. If you are planning to purchase RC helicopter for flying in place with high wind speeds often, then stick with larger RC helicopter. Helicopters having FP (fixed pitch) blades are most suited for beginners, for the reason that they are easier to repair and cheaper in first place. Collective pitch or also know as CP blades are more aimed towards expert users, but they offer better control in windy situations.

  1. What is your Level of Expertise?

Assuming that you are complete beginner to flying, then it is recommended to use flight simulator software before actually purchasing RC helicopter. You may also hire flight instructor if you are very passionate about your hobby. Beginners should stick with cheaper RC helicopters, because they can be easily maintained and crashes during flights are inevitable as long as you are in learning phase.

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