7 Ways To Keep An Aging Mind Sharp

Many people who are aging want to know how they can reverse the impacts of aging on their body. Others want to know how to keep their mind sharp as it has dulled with age. Some of these remedies are actually the same while others are different. The following will go over the ways to keep someone’s aging mind as sharp as it was in their prime.

Card Games

Card games not only encourage social interaction that keeps the mind sharp but it also takes analytical skills that keep your mind sharp. There are hundreds of thousands of scenarios in a game of cards and going through these odds in your head can keep the mind active and sharp. The art of bluffing in a game of poker also is an art in itself that keeps the mind sharp through restraining yourself from giving an opponent a tell.

7 Ways To Keep An Aging Mind Sharp


This can mean anything that has to do with exercise. Staying with aerobic activity can help fight the impacts of aging on the brain. This not only reduces the risks of Alzheimer’s but also the chances of heart attack, stroke, and a myriad of other medical conditions. This takes no more than 30 minutes of physical activity a day to see all of these benefits.


Social relationships can heal aging brains and this could be pointed to the active seniors outliving their hermit like peers. Socializing gives the aging something to look forward to, even if it is only one night a week. This can be socializing at a bingo hall or even doing community service with certain organizations. Social people live longer than those who become isolated as a study from Brigham Young University confirmed.

Eat Healthy

Eating healthy is something that aging people should do for their body but it also has positive effects on the brain as well. Having a healthy and balanced diet helps your brain work at optimal levels. There are also specific foods including dark fruits and vegetables, fish, lean proteins and nuts that are said to ward off Alzheimer’s. If you have given up on your body then eat well for the good of your mind.

Further Your Education

Furthering your education even if you have a degree is a great way to test your mind. Sitting in a lecture engages the mind as well as can test your knowledge on some new things. Seniors often times are eligible for scholarships and grants. Even if you do not want to go on a consistent basis, many classes are open for the general public to view.


As opposed to watching TV, reading makes the reader process the information on their own. Reading keeps the mind active and guess what might happen next. Reading has actually be linked to a 50 percent less chance of developing Alzheimer’s as a person ages.


Most older people tend to sleep less than their counterparts rising at the crack of dawn. Getting at least 8 hours of sleep helps improve memory and brain function. If you are retired then this should be priority number one as there is no such thing as too much sleep!

As you can see there are plenty of things to keep the aging mind sharp. Not letting yourself just go with the same routine day in and day out can mean an immense difference in the quality of life that you are living. Making sure to stay mentally and physically active are the most important things when trying to stay sharp.