5 Qualities You Need To Inculcate To Become A Team Player

Becoming a team player may come naturally to some; however, there are those who need to understand what makes a good team player. There are many different reasons. In this article, there are the five main qualities that a team player will have or incorporate into their professional career. Each one is just as important as the next, and at times may take some attention to master. It is crucial that the team functions well, as the success of any business fully depends on the team itself in order to function.

Properly Communicates

A team will need the team members to communicate with each other effectively. Without communication, there is no team and it is full of those who have ventured off on their own. This can break down the team, as well as any business. When the team communicates properly, the team will depend on each other for ideas, thoughts, advice, and at times moral support when following through on an idea or trouble area. There are key points when communicating properly, they include:

  • Approach: Timing is everything when it comes to communication. You do not want to express a negative thought towards someone in the mix of everyone. It should be done in privacy; however, tone and personal point of view is also just as important as timing.
  • Development: When holding a conversation where you must offer your side of a subject, you will need to organize your thoughts. Offer evidence, as well as support of the evidence. Using logic is crucial to effectively communicate with another team member.
  • Clarity: When delivering your message to another team member, make sure that you are clear and to the point when expressing an idea or opinion. Clouded messages lead to misconceptions and misunderstandings.
  • Style: So there are no language or slang barriers, speak properly to ensure that your message is received without any misunderstandings. Ensure that the definition of a word or term means the same to both parties involved in the communication.
  • Listen Actively: Make sure that when you are on the receiving end of a message you listen carefully and do not interrupt. Allow the person that is engaged in delivering the message to fully express the entire idea or opinion. Interruptions lead to negative feelings, as well as miscommunication as the message was not fully delivered.


When you are a part of a team, you have responsibilities that you will need to complete, whether it is showing up to work on time or even delivering the company’s new policy. It is up to you to do your part. Without reliability, you are not trusted. Trust is a large part in being a part of a team. Mistrust breaks teams down no matter how large the team is. Make sure that you follow through on tasks that are entrusted to you, and exercise consistency.

Participate Actively

Good team players participate actively. The team member will ensure that they are prepared for the task at hand, or are able to provide help to those who need it. It is important to be fully engaged when it comes to team activities and tasks. Make sure to speak up when asked a question or when asked for a solution to a problem.

Cooperates and Helps

When an individual is a good team player, they will be cooperative. This means that the team member will work with the rest of the team and never against. When a team member works against their team, they have formed a team of one; just them. This will break down all aspects of having a team. There is no longer one group, but two groups that will “bump heads” and the company will pay. Everyone will need to make sure that they are working together for the same goal.

Supportive and Respectful

It is important for all team players to be respectful towards the rest of the team. Be courteous and consider the feelings and opinions of the rest of the team. When this is not done, negative feelings tend to override any solid judgment and creates tension within the group. It will make it impossible for the team to work towards the same goal. It is also important to be supportive of the rest of the team. Support will allow the rest of the team to put their trust in you and will only build the team to a higher level, rather than break it down.

Becoming a team player may seem a bit difficult; however, it can be quite simple. Individuals already display this behavior in other areas of their daily lives. This means that with a little practice, every person has the ability to become the perfect team player. Practicing these main points of being a good team player will become easier as the individual practices each element.

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