3 Cleaning-Wonders From Your Kitchen

Keeping a house clean and comfortable is a lot of work, there is always something to do – and everything supposedly requires special, super expensive and probably health-damaging chemical cleaning supplies. Most of us just buy these items, since we are told they are the most effective and therefore indispensable. But that’s a myth, Mother Nature provides numerous natural products, which can be used for several different purposes around your Dubai home and which are just as effective or even better – and the best thing: you don’t need to buy them, you have them in your kitchen already. Let’s take a look at these 3 products from your kitchen, whose usage you should not limit to only cooking!

1. Vinegar:

White vinegar truly is a cleaning-wonder, it can be used for almost anything in your household – no matter if in the bathroom, the kitchen, the garden or for your laundry. Here are some of the infinite usages:

Instead of cleaning your floors with chlorine that leaves an unpleasant smell, add a cup of vinegar to the water and you will have a natural and very effective stain remover.

By mixing vinegar with some salt you can also remove stains from carpets, as well as from mugs, pots and pans.

Furthermore it is ideal to get rid of germs and odours, just wipe out your refrigerator and your kitchen and bathroom sinks with a one to one water-vinegar-mixture to sanitize the surfaces and to neutralize smells.

3 Cleaning-Wonders From Your Kitchen

2. Olive Oil:

Olive oil is great for housework, especially for maintenance purposes:

Pour some olive oil in a soft cloth and gently rub on your wooden furniture’s surface to bring back the shine – by adding a few drops of vinegar you will be able to remove even deeper scratches.

Buff your silverware with some olive oil after washing it – and voilà, it’s shining again!

You have a squeaking door? Lube the hinges with some oil to get rid of the annoying creak.

3. Coffee Grounds:

What do you usually do with coffee grounds after you had your much needed morning coffee? Do you throw it out? After reading this, you will change your mind about it being garbage! Coffee grounds is also very versatile and in no way inferior to vinegar or olive oil:

Remove grease and grime from pots and pans by scrubbing them with a sponge and a coffee grounds-warm water-mixture.

You wiped out your fridge with vinegar but the bad smell doesn’t seem to completely disappear? Coffee is known to be effective in neutralizing odours – place a cup with some coffee grounds in your fridge and change every other week, this will provide a permanent fresh smell.

Drain cleaning products are one of the most expensive and most chemical cleaning agents. Coffee grounds is a great alternative for clearing clogged pipes – pour some of it into the sink’s drain and rinse with hot water.

Natural products are always the better choice when it comes to housecleaning. These three products from your kitchen replace at least seven different chemical opponents you have to purchase from the store. So always try to find a natural solution to your problem – and of course don’t forget to remind your Dubai cleaning maid to use these cleaning wonders from now on!

This article was provided by MoveSouq.com – an online home services portal that helps people in the UAE to find cleaning and maid service providers in Dubai.