How to find an appropriate writing service?

Finding a good essay service is difficult enough, but what about finding an appropriate essay service. Students have a diverse set of needs and priorities. How a student is supposed to know what essay writing service is appropriate and which is unsuitable. Here are a few Do’s and Don’ts as suggested by Top10Writers – the essay services review company.

Make sure you Google the company you use

Once you have found an essay writing service, you really need to run its name through Google. Consider it an act in due diligence. You won’t see if the company is appropriate for you because the content on its search engines may have been manipulated by the essay writing service’s marketing department. However, it will tell you if there is something seriously wrong with the writing company.

If you Google your essay writing service and you see very little material about the company, or a lot of positive material, then your check is over and you can continue down this list of do’s and don’ts.

On the other hand, if you Google the essay writing service and you see websites with information that the service is a con, a scam, or that they rip people off, then you need to abandon that writing company and find another. When people are conned or ripped off they will write about it on the Internet, and this information is often on the first pages of the Google search engine results.

Don’t pay too much attention to online testimonials

Some are genuine and some are not. You have to remember that testimonials may be fine when buying a lawn mower, but many students do not want to tell people they used an essay writing service. Many students will refuse to give testimonials and refuse point blank that they ever used an essay writing service. There is a good chance that if you see a testimonial from a student on a website that it is fake.

Do test the company before you make a big order

You may be burnt by an essay writing service in the same way you may be burnt by a shop that sells you a sweater. However, on the Internet it is tough to tell which company is genuine and which is a con. For that reason, why not try a smaller purchase before you send them a bigger essay? Why not to give them a piece of homework or a smaller assignment that your professor is not using to determine your final grade? At least in this way you can check the quality and consistency of the work without risking too much money.

Don’t pick a company because it has the lowest prices

This is the dumbest thing you could ever do! You wouldn’t buy a car because the dealer was selling them for the same price as pushchairs. You wouldn’t buy a parachute because the seller offered you the lowest price possible.

The same true is about essay writing services. If you turn in an essay that is clearly plagiarized, you may end up being kicked out of college/University. Do not take the risk.

Take the time to read the content of the website

There are many fake essay-writing services that have terrible spelling and grammar on their website. They may also contradict themselves throughout their website. They may even have terms and conditions that state they can cancel your order without returning your money. Be smart about who you give your money to and take the time to read (and check) the essay writing company’s website.

Don’t pick a company that panders to you specifically

This is a tough one to explain, but try not to pick a website that specifically panders to you as a teenager, man, woman, because of your ethnicity, or because you are heterosexual, bi-sexual or homosexual. All good essay-writing services are going to pander to people that want a good and honest essay written on their behalf.

A company that tries to sell to you based on anything else must have a negative reason for doing so. For example, a computer salesman tries to sell to you based on the quality of the computers, not because gays (for example) prefer “that” computer. So, why would your race, age, sexuality, gender or situation have any bearing on the quality of an essay writing service’s essays or who uses them? They may be trying to pander to you because they have no other tangible selling points (i.e. because their essays are not good enough to sell by their own merit).