Smooth Face For A Fun Summer

It’s that time of the year when the waves are rocking, school is almost out and most everyone wants to be outside.  Now many men out there might have leftover facial hair from the cold months and think it is cool to hold onto it.  I am here to say, no way!

Kissing your man and men, kissing your ladies is much better without mustache hair or scruff everywhere.  Electric razors can be expensive ranging from $80-500.  With that option out, you may want to consider a beard trimmer instead which are 50% or less of the costs.  They don’t always give your face the same feel as other razors do but they will suffice and work good enough for the summer.

Where can you find these products?  Well if you are unsure of which is the best beard trimmer to choose from, you should first read reviews of them and decide which one fits your budget and lifestyle.  If money “ain’t a thing” to you, then go down to your local barber store or retail store and purchase anything with the highest price tag on it.  I suggest reading the trimming products reviews by Getitgroomed first either way so you have in mind the best style, price and feature you want in your beard trimmer.

After you get one, it’s onto the beach and a fun summer with that smooth face.  I may be biased in thinking a Man looks his best when cleanly shaven so if you do not agree with me ladies then please leave your comment and story (and preference) below and let me know what your tastes are!  Until then, thanks for spending your time with me and reading this blog post and now get outside and enjoy your summer.

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