How To Straighten It Curly Hair

We should give thanks to hair styling researchers for inventing such useful products like hair straightening irons. You can now kiss good bye to those days full of rolling curly hair onto those horrible looks of frozen orange juice container. You can also avoid laying your head on the ironing board in order to iron out the curls.

With appropriate usage of hair straightener products that are specifically designed to iron out those curls, your hair will soon be smooth and sleek.

Now Let’s learn How :

1. First you should wash and condition hair as instructed in your conditioner and shampoo products.

2. Press out water from your hair by using a comb or a towel through hair.

3. Use an appropriate amount of straightening cream. But you can also use your favorite ones. Work the cream with your hair until it’s evenly distributed.

4. Now, you should divide your hair into three sections: First is the top head, the second one is the middle layer and the third is the underneath portion of your hair. Clip the first two sections together.

5. Dry your hair by combining roll brush and hair dryer with concentrator attachment in place. Start from the bottom section by applying in two or three inch wide pieces from one side of your head to the other one.

6. Now separate the completely dry hair back into previous sections as described in step four.

7. Go to the bottom section and start using hair straightener iron from there to straighten every layer of hair. Hold one inch section of hair and press gently using your hair straightener iron from the root to the tip.

8. After finishing the ironing process, now you may use a small amount of shine gloss product. Use it about a dime size amount, put it into your palm and rub your hands together. Gently smooth your hands over the already straightened hair.

9. Now you may continue with styling as you desire.

We hope that tips must be helpful to you in taking care of your curly hair. Below are some natural tips for preventing that excessive hair loss.

Rosemary solution: The rosemary herb has power to clean the scalp and has ability to stimulate the hair roots. This is the most widely used herb around the world. The recipe mentioned below will explain the possible use of rosemary herb along with other ingredients.

Recipe: For using the solution in hairs, one needs to boil rosemary, peach leaf, burdock, nettle and sage in water. Strain the solution and use this every time for washing the hairs.

2. Apple cider vinegar: It is the most mentioned hair loss solving natural remedy. It is used over the scalp for giving it a normalizing effect. It cleans the oil glands from the scalp and it has the strong cleansing effect.

It is always necessary to drink lots of water after in taking the seeds.

Omega 3 fatty acid is the long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids which have 18-22 carbon atoms in the chain length. It has the double bonds that begin with the third carbon atom (when it is count from the methyl end of fatty acid molecule). If more information required then read the flax seed benefits given below.

The effect of the flax seed in the blood glucose level is not yet clear. But, it has the hyperglycemic effect in many cases of series. This problem must not stop anyone from in-taking the healthier flax seed oils.

Corn, safflower, soy and the sunflower oil are the primary sources of omega 6. These oils are sufficient in the normal diet and it is, therefore, excess the level of omega 6 level in the body.

It is however, no surprise, as; every unsaturated oils will have the same effect over the substituted saturated fats.