A Thoughtful Review Of The DaVinci Ascent Vaporizer

The Davinci Ascent, a portable vaporizer from an esteemed manufacturer DaVinci, consistently packs a large bowl for an extended period of time and considerably produces quality vapor. Whether you love dry herbs or concentrates, the Ascent will bring you premium quality vapor while giving you the chance to ensure precise temp through its OLED screen equipped with plus-minus button. The essential part that can get it labeled as the best vaporizer is its ability to offer an above average battery life.

Design and Size:

If you have ever had a Star Trek communicator or an idea about how it looks like when two iPhones are stacked atop each other, you can definitely learn the size of this conduction weed grinder. An OLED display housed on the front face shows the current temperature ranging from 38 to 430 degrees F. the display also includes the components of temperature controls and the menu button. Included with the Ascent are a carbon fiber accent and a burl wood. The unit’s top features a retractable glass mouthpiece that is available next to the integrated stainless steel poker and the power button. Being made of all glass, the vapor pathway preserves the smoothness of the vapor’s flavor without compelling users to get a horrid plasticky taste.

Chamber Size and Packing Methods:

Because of the huge chamber size, it is possible for two persons to get about a 45-minute session starting out at 375° and ending at 410° Fahrenheit. However, if you need a session for only yourself, you can pack the chamber’s first half with dry herbs and place the oil canister over the herbs.

Battery Life and Charging Sessions:

With a couple of non-removable lithium-Ion batteries, the unit may serve you for at least 90 minutes. The unit needs charging for around 5 hours at a stretch.

Portability and Storage:

The glass stem ensures secure storage back into the unit when it is not in use. The flip out bottom enables the unit to load and unload the herbal content while the device is running. The unit weighs about only 6.8 ounces.

Warranty Features:

The product features a 2-year warranty against defects in electronics, structural integrity, heating chamber and craftsmanship. The warranty against the lifespan of the battery is valid for 90 days.

Final Verdict:

With the longer sessions required for the batteries to be fully charged, you can use the unit while charging since the manufacturer offers a car charger. Moreover, the warranty for the batteries being valid for only three months can hardly be a deal breaker provided you get superb quality vapor and enjoy portability all the way you move around.

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