Melanotan II What Is It And What Does It Do?

If you’ve ever wanted to enjoy a beautifully deep tan but don’t want to risk all of the dangers that come from sitting out the sun (or even worse, underneath a tanning lamp) for hours and hours on end, you’re going to want to take a good, long look at the melanotan II.

An absolutely incredible compound that has been proven to be safe and effective as an erectile dysfunction treatment – and one of the most popular compounds on the planet for solving this of biochemical “riddle” in millions and millions of men – melanotan II also has a pretty wonderful (but almost completely unintended) side effect:

It helps pigment in the skin darken all on its own, giving you the appearance of sun-kissed skin without having to subject yourself to damaging and potentially dangerous UV rays.

Talk about a complete and total game changer!

Melanotan II What Is It And What Does It Do

How does melanotan II work?

Well, the beauty behind this amazing compound is that it’s skin pigment transforming qualities wasn’t the number one reason that it was developed in the first place. In fact, that little “benefit” wasn’t even understood or recognized when this compound went into production.

Instead, medical professionals, scientists, and researchers the world over were trying to find in even more effective solution for erectile dysfunction, and began to experiment with melanotan to see how it would react when introduced into the bloodstream.

Well, melanotan didn’t have the impact that they were hoping for, but it’s “cousin” compound – melanotan II – completely changed just about everything.

A fantastic and almost impossibly safe solution for treating erectile dysfunction, the side effects that people were subjected to when ingesting this amazing solution were rather mild. We are talking about nausea, slight stomach cramps, a somewhat decreased appetite, and a sensation of tiredness, as well as some spontaneous erections.

However, another side effect was discovered in the process of researching this solution:

A transform the pigment of the skin, darkening it just as though someone had spent a couple of hours at the beach.

With prolonged use (monitored by researchers and medical professionals, of course), these experts began to devise that they had an amazing solution to the skin cancer epidemic that was plaguing people who spent too terribly much time outside or in tanning beds just to color their skin.

Does melanotan II actually work?

You had better believe it does!

While you’ll have to speak with a medical professional to get your hands on this prescription grade solution, it’s built on the back of years of science and research and has been proven time after time to do exactly what it promises to:

To give you that deep, rich, even suntanned look you’re looking for without any of the potentially dangerous or even deadly side effects of overexposure to ultraviolet rays.

While it is still somewhat rare to receive a prescription for this solution just for the purpose of tanning yourself without having to tan, it is possible. Speak to a medical professional you trust before you decide to go down this direction

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